Yogi Adityanath Government Offers Jewar Airport Mega Project Big Boost with Step

Jewar Airport Mega Project-min

By last week, residents of Rohi never accept the rate of Rs 2,500 per square meter which offered by the government. Hence the people reported stuck on their major demand of 4 times the circle rate which is of Rs 3,600 per square meter. Even the people still waiting for such amount to hand over the land to expand the airport in their location.

As the great concern, the respective stalemate led to reached among the chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath and he allows the up government as well as the number of the farmers of jewar tehsil in the part of the Gautam Buddha Nagar district on the total amount for the acquisition of current land. At the same time, the village people wish to be part of their own lands and also they fight for the astronomical villages such as the Rohi. It covers more than a third be acquired in the part phase and also it also gets emerges which Cm Aditya Nath which give certain major ideas which boost the project.

By last week, the resident of Rohi refused to obtain the major rate providing for their land up to Rs 2.500 per Square meter at the time of the negotiation with the government and also more reportedly stuck to their demand of major circle rate and also support to move forward with no risk of it. Amidst has the stalemate, the UP government which had been asked by the central part of the officials regarding the status of the major land acquisition for the major project which was announced by the Indian Express report.

By Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh told IE, and the CM become clear direction which said that they must fix a compensation for farmers and it is are in their favor. Keeping in the mind and relocation which is the farmer who has the deal with the major arrangement which needs to make as per the needs.

The farmers provide reportedly provide 2 option for the getting the compensation and also it provides great discussion on the matter which had taken place in the 6 part of the villages. Even the first option provide special government has reportedly proposed with the compensation with total amount at the Rs 2,300 per Square meter along with the number of the benefits which housing. It has compensation for the cost of current construction on the plot employment for one member of each family and also gets compensation of Rs 5 Lakhs cost of cattle among other problem with no risk of it. Even though the cost of the cattle is very high which has the number of the problem so people must hand deep eyes on them before coming to buy such the land in the part of wish location without meeting any trouble of it.

When it comes to the second propels offers a compensation of Rs 2500 per square meter without meeting any additional support. On the other Farmers and also maintained that they were still waiting for new to reach them without meeting any risk of it. Even, this rate delivers the 2,500 per square meter in a fine. but the government announced such the less amount so the people are requested to increase the rate and provide hike on taking land else the farmer and other people never accepted to handover the land to the government.

But in the first phase, the state government announced that they want to obtain 1,441 hectares from the 8 villages namely, Kishorpur, Banwaribas, mukimpur, parohi, banwaribas, Rohi, Dayanatpur, Rahera, shivara and much more. Here three villages will be excluded from the part of the process as it suitable for the farmers at present. Even the land from the Rammer, Shivara, banwariba, and Mukimpur will never need to meet any risk and trouble with it. Therefore the people cannot be accepted such the price which announced by the government to build the airport in the location. Once the government had taken their steps and offer 3600 per square meter, the farmer and other people can have changed to accept to hand over the land to the government for the construction of the airport.