Yogi Adityanath Government Gives Rs. 20000crore for Jewar Airport Project

Yogi Adityanath Government Gives Rs. 20000crore for Jewar Airport Project

The Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Government displayed its two-mega projects such as Jewar international airport and UP defense corridor for Rs. 357 billion during the business meetings in the major US cities in April 2018. However, farmers have raised many issues in giving their lands for this mega project because of the low land rates.

In the big concern, the UP government and farmers of Jewar tehsil willing to take the compensation amount for their land acquisition.  Even though villagers are accepting to provide their lands, their demands are sky-high particularly the villages such as Rohi. This village covers more than a 481hectras of the 1263heactres of the land to be obtained in the first phase.

At present, it emerges that CM has provided some instruction, which will boost the project further. In the last week, Rohi residents refused to take the land rates being offered by the Government for their land, which is up to Rs.2500/sq.m. They demand of four-time greater than present value offered by the Government that is Rs.3600/sq.m.

The central government has asked about the land acquisition status of the project from the UP government. Since the general election is going to happen next year, the UP government is trying clear the entire procedural roadblock in order to display this project.  UP chief minister has met farmers already and assured them their interest and preference will be taken care of.

Farmers of Jewar offered two options for compensation

After the discussion of land acquisition with the state Government, the farmers have offered two options for the compensation. The first option is the government should offer the compensation amount of Rs. 2300/sq.m along with some benefits. It includes housing or cost of construction for the house, employment for one member for every family or 5lakhs compensation for the cattle.

The second option is that the government needs to offer Rs. 2500/sq.m without any additional benefits. Farmers are still waiting for the approval of their demand from the government. In the first phase, the UP government wants to obtain 1441hectares from eight villages, which includes Banwaribas, Parohi, Rohi, kishorpor, Ramner, Ranhera, Mukimpur Shivara, and Dayantpur.

From the land acquisition process, three villages viz. Banwaribas, Mukimpur Shivara, and Ramner will be excluded now because these lands will not be required. For this mega airport project, the Government requires the total of 5000hectares, its estimated budget is Rs. 150000 – 20000 crores, and therefore the international airport will become functional by the year 2022-23.

Reasons for the airport in Jewar

With the development of Jewar airport, most of the sectors in the state and country will benefit. In fact, it is definitely beneficial for the people of the western Uttar Pradesh who need to travel over 250Km for Lucknow and Delhi airport.

People who are residing in many cities of the Western Uttar Pradesh and some cities of the Rajasthan need to travel Delhi (at least two hours journey) to reach the airport. To lessen this traveling time and cost, UP government plan to launch an international airport in this destination.

The airport in Jewar will be a huge help for all these people. Actually, this Jewar airport will not only address the Delhi Aviation but also other cities such as Mathura, Agra, Meerut, and Bulandshar. The Union civil aviation ministry also expects this international airport will offer a bolster tourism as well as the economic potential of the region.

This airport is expected to handle more than 10 crore passengers by the year 2050. Additionally, it can serve 37 domestic destinations and 31 international destinations. Since the airport is built as the part of the regional connectivity scheme of Government, this proposed Jewar airport is expected to offer fliers affordable options.

The project may drop when the farmer doesn’t hand over the land

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has given a booster shot to the proposed international airport project in Jewar by offering estimated cost up to Rs.20000crore. Because of the regulatory and other obstacles, the project has been pending for the past fifteen years.

Even though the union civil aviation ministry gave the in-principle approval for the second airport in the Delhi in Jewar in April, it did far more than just boosting the air connectivity plans of the government.

On June 12, the environment ministry gave it clearance to this mega project.  If the internal rate of return, traffic projections of the airport site, and the final outcome is satisfactory, then the government has started the acquisition of the land process. On the other hand, the Government might drop the project when the government fails to fulfill the landowner’s demand.

Yeida Chairman Prabhat Kumar said that he met village heads and farmers of the six villages in which lands proposed to be obtained for the project. The farmers were provided offer regarding the land rates and other benefits. In case, the farmers do not agree with the compensation, then the project might be dropped.

UP government has decided to provide three times the circle rate to the landowners that are Rs.2300sq.m as against of Rs. 900sq.m for the land acquisition. On the other hand, the villagers are demanding four times the land rate to see their land. Once the final decision on the land rate taken, the foundation laying ceremony for the project will happen in October end.

The construction work might start by the March next year. In order to ensure that, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has approved the establishment of the joint venture company to obtain the land needed to develop the first phase of this mega project. Below mentioned are the entities, which are a part of the JV.

  • State government 37.5%
  • Noida authority 37.5%
  • Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development authority 12.5%
  • Greater Noida authority 12.5%

The first phase of the Jewar airport will become operational by the end of 2023.

Explore the real connection of the Jewar airport

As per the latest news, the government is planning to connect the airport in Jewar with at least two different rail transit systems. This is a great news for the real estate industry in the region. The center plans to connect the airport in Jewar with the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi via a direct metro link. Therefore, the state government is learning the possibilities of connecting it with the Sarai Kale Kahn via the instant rail transit system.

On the other side, the state government is developing a 30kilometre metro network already to connect several parts of Greater Noida and Noida with the National Capital. Even though the estimated cost of constructing the Jewar airport is Rs. 20000crore, another Rs.1000crore will be spent to connect it with the Delhi.

The timeline of Jewar airport so far

 In 2001, the proposal for the airport in the Jewar made by the Rajanth Singh who was the Chief Minister of UP in that period. Next, Mayawati also backed this airport plan and her Government obtained over 2000acres for this project, which was on December 5.

But, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet headed by the CM Yogi Adityanath gave approval for this project. On 5th July 2017, the Union had given the site clearance approval for the airport project.  Additionally, No-Objection certificate for the project has issued by the Union home ministry on October 5.