Will Calibrated Gems Soon Be Only A Memory

Until a guy Calibrated Gems dealer who’s major business was capitalizing on the trade in gems for customers of Vedic astrologers, or jyotishis, coined the terms jyotish quality gems, this was not a word ever used to explain a gemstone.
Sure we knew what was essential for a gemstone to be efficient for this intention, but as gemologists as well as certified gem appraisers we used gemological words that were really descriptive of a gem’s quality. Here we will give the straight pure truth as to what comprises a “jyotish” quality gemstone as well as how simply obtainable such qualities are and will be in the future.
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Let’s begin with Ratnaas as well as all colors of sapphire. The species of such gems is the same and the properties are matching, but the basic difference is in color. They are optically, physically as well as chemically matching otherwise. All rubies as well as sapphires are corundum. If corundum occurs in a dark red color then it is known as a ruby and it will transmit the dark red cosmic ray of the Sun.
Using ruby to make stronger the Sun’s strength as understood through the horoscope is very effective. If corundum occurs in any further color it is known as a sapphire. If yellow sapphire it will simply transmit the blue cosmic ray, which is that emitted by the well known planet Jupiter. If blue sapphire it will largely transmit the great violet cosmic ray, which is that emitted by the Saturn planet. If white sapphire it will transmit the identical cosmic color as diamond, the indigo ray, and this is the cosmic color emitted by the Venus planet.