Why it’s time to go global

WTC Noida 3
The Indian industry has seen some major turns since the advent of globalization. However, the disruption witnessed with the booming startup market in India has been unprecedented. The traditional way of doing business has witnessed its demise with the Indian startups dominating the local market and catching the eye of many of its competitors across the Pacific Ocean.
Thus, with the arrival of World Trade Center in Noida Phase 3, the competition is bound to get hotter. For long, the domestic players in our country have had a tough time selling their success abroad. Despite enjoying a Lion’s share in the domestic market, the lack of exposure to the other markets has seen great products by Indian enterprises confined to the borders of India itself. With the tremendous success of World Trade Centre Noida in phase 1 and 2, there has been a huge jump in the curiosity levels regarding the launch of WTC Noida.
And not for no reason. Located at the Greater Noida highway, the WTC Noida Phase 3 will see a platform being provided to the local business to take their businesses to the world. Flipkart, a well known biggie in the Indian startup sector opened its’ offices abroad this year and acknowledged the need for taking their business global. With the advent of WTC 3, the need for opening offices on foreign shores is set to become a thing of the past.
Bigger, better and bolder. The new World Trade Center 3 seeks to bring all the big names of the world under one roof. With the fledgling enterprises thus getting an opportunity to rub shoulders with the behemoths, today is the time more than ever to take your business global. The question to ask is: Are you ready for it?