Whatsapp: App Ready in India to Stop Fake News

Whatsapp: app ready in India to stop fake news

Continuous pressure is increasingly continuing to control Fake News on WhatsApp. As in the meantime, some experts in a Delhi-based organization are preparing an app to stop Fake News on the platform.

The team of experts is making an app in an institution in Delhi to eliminate rumors on the social media platform Whatsapp, and to identify fake news. These apps will tell if a message is fake or not.

Ponurangam, assistant professor of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-D), is leading the team. The app is being developed under their leadership.

There have been many incidents of rumors of rumors on the WhatsAppAppered by angry mob. In the village of Renpada, five people were beaten to death in the suspected child thief. Recently, a crowd of three people in Bidar of Karnataka had beaten him with a knock in his suspicion of being a child thief.

Professor believes that this app will prove useful in the current scenario when there have been many such incidents in which people are becoming victims of violence due to rumors spread over Whatsapp.

He said, “We are gathering a large number of data and asking people to forward messages to people at 9354325700 for which people are skeptical. This message will be analyzed and accordingly, we will create a model to reinforce such messages. “

How will the app:

When contacted by ‘Aaj Tak’, a member of the team informed that the app will be completely separate. Who will continue to keep the messages found in the original Whatsapp, and give information about the message received when the message is received. These apps will be based on machine learning. The team is currently working on this project.

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