What is the Truth Amit Shah, Who was sitting on The NCR, Said Rajnath had No Role of Government!

amit shah

Politics has become sharper on the issue of National Citizen Register in Assam. Speaking on the NRC on Tuesday, BJP MP Amit Shah in the Rajya Sabha said attacking the opposition said that the Congress government had no courage to implement the Assam Accord and now we are going to implement it. Shah, while taking a credit of NRC, is stopping Cena, while his government’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh is claiming that there is no role of government in this matter.

In his statement in the Rajya Sabha today, Amit Shah, citing the Assam Accord of 1985, said that the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had brought it but the Congress did not have the courage to implement it. Shah, while targeting the opposition MPs, who wants to save 40 lakh intruders. After this statement, there was a fierce ruckus in the House and the proceedings got stalled for the whole day.

The point of note is that the statement made by the BJP president in Parliament is in sharp contrast with the statement of the party MP and the home minister Rajnath Singh. Rajnath had said that NRC’s decision was not politically motivated by the Supreme Court’s supervision to bring its draft.

What did Rajnath say?

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the allegations of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha on Monday said, “I want to make it clear that the President has not done anything in it, whatever work is being done is under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Repeatedly saying that the government has done this, the government has become very ruthless and such allegations are baseless.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh also said in the Lok Sabha that the list which is coming is not the last and everyone will get an opportunity to speak after 28 August. It will be given 2-3 months time and how long the cases will be settled, it is also the Supreme Court to decide. At the same time, responding to the fears of the Opposition, he said in the House that the foreign tribunals are open on the way and there is no need to spread any kind of fear on this. The Home Minister said that there will be no fate even with anyone.

On the next day of Rajnath’s statement on Tuesday, BJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday raised a political statement within the Rajya Sabha on the issue of the NRC. Shah cautiously said that we had the courage to bring this register and why the opposition wants to save the illegal intruders. On the statement of Shah, Congress and TMC MPs objected and came out in Vile and performed. Chairman of the House, Venkaiah Naidu, had to adjourn the House proceedings for a day.