The Spirit of Mumbai Goes Viral In Facebook As Mumbaikars Deserves a Salutation

Spirit of Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the land of dreams and it is a popular city in India which is usually noted for its busy lifestyle. This city is usually in a hurry to complete its work. However, it looks as if the whole city is occupied with superwomen and supermen who never get impacted by any of the hard or worst situations.

We have come across wide range of situations, wherein the Mumbaikars has not only established how helpful they will be however they have also provided their willpower to overcome almost any kind of situation taking place in their life. It does not matter whether it is wholeheartedly coming to the streets to aid the flood victims or whether standing united at the time of bomb-blasts, Mumbai people definitely seem to have a golden heart. We have also seen women who delivered babies in the running local train compartments.

The city will never become idle or standstill condition because most of the people are highly super active. Today’s bandh was considered as a good example for the people.  Everything has been closed but Mumbai seems to remain active & running as usual. As the bustling city was enthralled with stress and havoc, Mumbaikars has a great smile on their faces. Everything seems to be quite normal for them. Instead of taking off excuses from their work, Mumbaikars reached their workplaces professionally and hence served for the whole day. Is it amazing for you?

Admit it, we have come across a Facebook post by the Mumbai resident which talks more about the spirit of Mumbai city and how it wins over the heart of netizens.

Have A Glance At The Post

The post read that it is rightly said that Mumbai is a city which never sleeps. The writer insisted that this saying is completely true after viewing the spirit of the city regardless of the bandh which was declared today. It is the mesmerizing spirit which makes him fall in love with the city forever.

Feeling lucky enough to be the part of this amazing golden city, he had learned many things from it. Mumbaikars seems to get special training in managing worst situations & calamities like a professional. For instance, today there was massive pressure all around the city owing to the protests made by the Maratha Kranti Morcha. But Mumbaikars seems to continue with their fast-paced life by keeping all the pressures aside.

There are some important points which were mentioned in the facebook regarding the city of Mumbai. He says that he does not want to quit Mumbai for any reason. The guy had viewed 5 important things that had impressed him a lot. Some of the finest points mentioned in the FB post are:

  1. The public transport of Mumbai seems to run as usual thus extending an additional support for the people to reach their specific destination safely & in an appropriate time period.
  2. Instead of relaxing, people seem to work actively today and most of them were available in their office premises at usual times without any kind of delay.
  3. When the writer was traveling by the Sion-Bandra road, the saw some people who get down from their vehicles & clear the traffic jam in order to offer easy movement.
  4. Taxiwalas seemed to be on the duty as usual. The moment when he says the word ‘Versova’, he had nod up his head & hence smiled with positivity instead of taking advantage of the circumstances.
  5. The best thing which has occurred today was Jio’s Customer care service. After having worst experience with Vodafone, he planned to switch over to Jio. He took up this decision because he had enjoyed VIP service from the first day itself.  Though everything has been closed completely, the Jio executives have come to my place to perform their survey & aided me with connectivity. Kudos to the dedicated guys!

As these factors serve as a gravitational force which never let me even to think of leaving the city. Highly happy to be the part of Mumbaikar!

This post really reflects how the residents of Mumbai are emotional, mentally and physically prepared for everything which comes on their way. They are usually on their feet without being annoyed. Therefore, the spirit of Mumbai seems to be worth saluting.

Spirit of Mumbaikars

Mumbai has witnessed traffic snarls and waterlogging as very heavy rains had lashed into the big city. Life comes to an end in the city because the Mumbaikars get struck up on the roads as well as on the stations and trains. With numerous roads shut& local train services in several areas were found suspended, people in Mumbai were completed stranded. However, the Mumbai police & traffic police were on their foot providing updated information to the citizens & controlling traffic, where Mumbai showed its spirit for people to come out to help each and everyone caught up in the difficult circumstances.

Most of the Mumbaikars have also posted the messages in the social media to help the people who have stuck in their locations to call them for assistance. Some of the citizens also shared their numbers in social media thus asking those who got stuck up with rains to call for assistance. In addition to that, the dabbawalas of Mumbai city were on their toes to deliver food to the people on the roads. In the meantime, the Gurudwaras of the Mumbai also come forward to assist Mumbaikars.

A message was circulated among the Mumbaikars revealing that all the gurudwaras of Mumbai are found open for shelter and Langar for everyone who got stuck with any part of the city. In addition to that, the other message was circulated by saying, if anybody needs food or protection in Byculla west area can come to Hindustani Masjid opposite station. Arrangements were carried out for the needy people. People belonging to various religions are invited. The Mumbai police have saluted for the spirit of Mumbai by sharing messages all over social media. They appreciate how citizens come forward to assist each other.

Why Protests Made By The Maratha Kranti Morcha?

The Maratha community campaigning for reservation in the state for educational institutions and government jobs got violent later. The protesters seem to torch the ambulances and police vehicles in Aurangabad. The Maratha Kranti Samaj is one of the outfits which lead the agitation of so-called Mumbai Bandh on 25th July 2018.

At first, the protest began in 2016, after the teenager of the community was raped & killed by the men from Dalit community. Consequently, Marathas started to do silent protest march thus demanding for reservation and amendments to preventing atrocities of the Dalits Act. The agitation turned violent because the 27-year old protestor purposefully committed suicide by jumping into the river of the Godavari in Aurangabad district on 23rd July. The deceased person was identified as Kakasaheb Shinde.

By following this incident, the Maratha outfits had attacked the ambulances and police vehicles and hence force the authorities to eliminate internet services. In order to calm down the protestors who demand the reservation in the government jobs & education under the OBC quota, the Maharashtra government has provided a circular for the 2nd time by directing all the colleges that they do not charge up to full fees for the candidates of Maratha community through the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Scholarship.

How Mumbaikars Deserve A Salute?

Mumbai is known as a famous city which never sleeps. A number of individuals live in this electronic city for the sake of infrastructure facilities, job opportunities, and high-class living. Though there was bandh happening in the city, the citizens of Mumbai city does not get affected. They tend to perform their own task in a casual manner without bothering about anything. This thing shows the spirit of Mumbaikars.

Though they come across harsh circumstances in their life, they do not consider it as a big issue. The people make use of their will and power to cut those harsh things into simplest ones. When a situation comes for helping the people in rain or standing united against any bomb-blasts, nobody can beat up the golden heart of the Mumbaikars. The city will never come to the standstill condition because people of this city are highly active. Even though everything was shut due to the bandh, Mumbai city was running up like a normal day. Though the full city was filled with stress and havoc, the Mumbaikars has a huge smile on their faces which makes them think every hassle as a simple one. For them, each and everything seems to be damn normal.

Without considering the bandh, the Mumbaikars professionally attained their workplaces and worked for the whole day. It shows how dedicates they are towards their job. A guy says proudly about the Mumbai city in the social media post which goes viral among the people. Really this credit goes to the Mumbaikars. A great salute for them.