The Significance of the Master Plan Delhi 2021

Master Plan Delhi
New Delhi is the capital of India and one of the most important cities in the country. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the city is being well maintained and proper steps are being taken to ensure its future foundations.
 As mentioned, Delhi is one of the most important cities in India and is one of the primary hubs for trade, commerce, and politics. One of the major requirements of the city is to arrange accommodation for the fast growing population. The government has launched a unique plan in order to fulfill the requirements. MPD or Master Plan Delhi is the new project which is being launched by the government. The primary object of this particular project is to ensure a planned development of the city in the years to come.
The Master Plan Delhi 2021 has been designed in such a manner so that all the flaws and shortcomings of the previous plans can be covered up.  The MPD 2021 is striving for development which includes infrastructural as well as housing plans. This plan has been designed after considering all the major aspects. Every single issue which could have caused hindrance to the execution of this plan has been dealt with.
The Master Plan Delhi concentrates primarily on the accommodation of the increasing population of the city, making the infrastructure stronger than ever, working in the congested areas of the city and creation of more open areas. Since The Master Plan Delhi 2021 has been designed to improve the life of the people in Delhi, therefore public participation has been given prime importance.
 The Government believes that the MPD 2021 can be executed smoothly and efficiently only valuable inputs can be received from the public. The Master Plan Delhi is all set to bring about a drastic change in the Capital of India.