The Government Get Approval of Farmers for Jewar Project

The Government Get Approval of Farmers for Jewar Project

The jewar airport is the mega project in the Meenakshi Sinha Noida. The land acquisition is going on for this airport project.  The government gains the necessary seventy percent of the land for the initial phase of the suggested airport project. The district official reliably put effort to get the land from the farmers.

Over 1591 farmers have provided the consent and acquisition of the land. We continue the process of acquiring the land from the farmers of the mega project on the regular basis. Plenty of farmers are coming on board. The deputy collector Abhay Singh said that the 597 hectares of land are acquired for the project from the farmers.

The district administration continues to work on getting the important land of the farmers. The district official gets the approval of the land from the total of 8300 farmers. They work at the different levels to get the land for the project. The district administration offers the permission taking process at the jewar office.

The Yamuna expressway industrial authority gets the application in the Noida office too for the consent. The total information is compiled on the timely basis depending on the grand total. The government only needs the approval of the farmers to get the land.

The government meets the target of the farmers after giving the land. Already, the state government has published August 31 is the deadline to get the permission of the land from the farmers. There is no official confirmation for extending the deadline.

Need the consent from the farmers:

The officials continue the process of acquiring the farmers land for the project. Only half of the half farmers are given the land for the airport project. The officials talk with others to give the land. The district magistrate cannot get any direction from the government.

Only 597 hectares of the land is acquired over the 1264 hectares. Totally, 1264 hectares of land is designed for the first phase of the project.  1591 farmers are only given the 597 hectares of land for the jewar airport project.

The officials still continue the process of the land acquisition. The administration put effort to get the farmers on board. The industry bodies also give the perfect support to the government to get the land from the farm owners. The officials are working at day and night time to get the permission from the land owners.

On the other hand, the industry bodies also provide the support to the land owners of the six villages whose land will be getting for the international airport project in jewar. The industry bodies involve confederation of real estate developers association of India, Indian medical association, India industries association and others.

The government gets assurance from industry body:

The industry bodies and groups provide the assurance to the government. They are willing to support the government and administration in the analysis of the farmers. The government also manages the perfect schedule to meet the information technology bodies for getting the help for this project.

The project will greatly move to the positive path.  The real estate market gains the excellent result and sells the project without any disturbance.  The government tries to overcome the difficulties of the farmers who give the land for the jewar project.