The Eco-Friendly and Affordable Smart City of Crystal Residency

Kamp Developers Projects2

The latest of the Kamp Developers Projects is the Crystal Residency, which is a 2 BHK, 3 BHK and a 4 BHK housing project affordable for the average Indian. With this project Kamp developers is focusing on making lives better through lifestyle upgrade. It is a concept that will be just like the Smart City of Sir Syed Residency and have all the modern amenities available at the resident’s disposal. The project, which is located in L-Zone Dwarka area, will have a family setting environment, which allows parents to raise their kids well in a calm and productive environment.

Enhanced Lifestyle

In a bid to make lives better for the residents the Crystal Residency has  a myriad of features that are not only meant to shape he residents to be better but also focuses on the environment sustainability as well. Some of the exceptional features are as follows:

  • Access to good schools
  • Near government institutions
  • Training centers for teenagers
  • Rain water harvesting facilities
  • Solar power plant
  • Solid waste management

Just like the other Kamp Developers Projects this project is more than just apartments but will actually have a township setting to it. With that it resembles the Sir Syed Residency as it will have markets, shopping malls, good roads, a church, a temple and a mosque.


Kamp developers projects are meant to bridge the economic gap and allow the middle class as well as the enthusiastic less privileged to have a home. The Crystal Residency project has this in mind and intends to change how the real estate sector is by making the housing units affordable to people. Being the developers in the Sir Syed Residency Kamp developers have an understanding of how a Smart City should be in terms of provision of customer support, client satisfaction and building interactive communities within residences. Even though affordable the apartment blocks do not compromise on security, cosines and durability.