Textile Park, an Upcoming Venture near the Jewar Airport Area

Textile Park, an Upcoming Venture near the Jewar Airport Area

If you are trying to find the perfect land for your new industry in the suburbs of Greater Noida, then you are an eligible candidate for signing up for land allotment in the ‘textile park’. UP has recently seen a development in the Jewar airport project, where the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has decided to set up a ‘textile park’ near Jewar airport area. After some meetings with the Noida Apparel Export Cluster (NAEC), it concluded to allot around 200 acres of land to around 100 aspiring textile businessmen.

The venture brings the initiative of One District-One Product (OD-OP) started by UP government, one step forward. This initiative is aimed at boosting up the industrial sector in UP, thereby giving recognition to each district by the type of trade it carries out. The Gautam Buddha Nagar is known for its ready-made garment industry due to this initiative.

“The textile park will give a boost to textile industry.” as Arunveer Singh, the CEO of YEIDA quotes, “The Jewar international airport will help in the import and export of goods. The land will be allotted to the textile industrialists in a few days. The textile park will also create an employment for around 5 lakh people and 90% of the workers will comprise of women.” This will surely reduce the problems of unemployment among the labourers for some time and it will certainly improve the economic conditions of women.

Lalit Thukral, the president of NEAC, was heard saying that, “Noida and Greater Noida are textile hubs. We produce ready-made garments and the annual export is nearly Rs 14,000 crores. The domestic ready-made garment market also has an annual turnover of Rs 3,000 crores. The land in Noida and Greater Noida is costly, hence, the businessmen are planning to expand their business in neighbouring areas. Jewar is an ideal option.” He seems to have hit the right note. The ever-increasing problems of land in Noida and Greater Noida parts does not seem to be curbing any time soon. It is advisable to search for lands in the nearby areas. The expected set up of fully developed textile park is around 3 years.

Pacing up the process, the Yamuna Authority has issued a list of 240 units of industrial land. More information about the venture can be looked up on its website. The industries which are granted permission for the venture includes textiles, telecommunications, X-ray machines, air-conditioning, copper metal parts, cotton, cycle, milk testing and its products. Furthermore, the authority will also consider allotment for any new and unique type of non-polluting proposals, if they receive any such proposal.

Stealing a glance at the prices, the industrial land has been charged at Rs 6,405 per square meter upto 4,000 sqm. If someone signs up for an additional land from 4,000 to 8,000 sqm, then he would be charged at the rate of Rs 5,460 per square metre. If the additional land extends from 8,000 sqm to 20,000 sqm, then the candidate will be charged at the rate of Rs 4,620 per square meter.

The eligibility criteria are quite simple and transparent. An individual, proprietorship firm, registered partnership firm, registered society, registered trust, private limited company, public limited company, government/semi-government undertaking/departmentetc. However, the scheme comes with one condition, that only the industrial plot with an area of 4,000 sqm or above will be granted permission for construction.

The commencement of the construction is expected to take place within six months of possession of the plot of land by the candidate. They are also expected to complete the construction within the prescribed deadline which will start from the date of execution of the lease deed.

There has been no information on the last date of submission of application form, but the Authority will notify it soon.