Strong MPD Plan for the Increasing Population of Delhi

L zone consultant
Delhi is  not only cultural heritage of India but it also hold a strong impact on the socio economic culture. Being the capital of one most largest nation it holds very important place and leave a strong impact on the other countries. Most of people migrate here in search of better jobs, living standards and future.
The constant increase in the population from other states have lead to numerous problems. in the past some decades there is huge amount of increase in population which have created lack of basic facilities like sewage, clean water and most important problem is of housing.
To handle the constant problems government has come with solution of forming DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY which will look into the mater and help the situation. Then DDA has come up with Master Plan for Delhi (MPD). its look after the infrastructure, housing, sewerage,roads and water problems and help the place to grow.
Currently MPD 2021 is going on and aiming the best results till the end of plan and make as much as possible accommodation for the people who will come here.
DDA has already form some estimates which will help them to achieve there targets. The population may hike upto 2.3 crore. according to the various survey done by the government. So it is the challenge for DDA to implement the Master Plan for Delhi to reach the goal. If  government move according the guidelines described in the plan. For More Details Visit: Dwarka Smart City.