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The range of Samsung Galaxy S 10 devices are being launched on the 20th of February but we know pretty much 99% of what’s going to be unveiled so in this blog I’m gonna be showing you the whole range in all its glory warts and all so I did the warts punch hole cut out no without further ado let’s get straight to it. the Samsung Galaxy S 10 the S 10 plus and of the s 10 II the three main variants of course are just touching distance away but we know what we’re gonna get I’ve also got a little bit of information on the 5g variant and the folding phone but we’ll get to all of it now I will be attending the launch I will be doing many comparison videos between the lights of the Google pick Google pixel the Google pixel for Google pixel 3xl the iPhone at 10 s max the one plus 6T most of this news is going to focus on the three main variants and then we’ll touch on like I said the 5g variant later.

The s10 II is a budget variant of the s10 this will come with a 5.8 inch display the regular s10 will have a 6.1 inch display and the Plus model will have a six point four inch display the regular and plus will have the pretty much classic now Super AMOLED Samsung infinity curved display the e model will be flat so that’s a bonus for you guys who don’t like the curved display and although many people thought the budget version was going to have a lower resolution we’re now pretty much certain all three of them are going to have a quad HD Plus display the single punch hole cut out on the e and the standard and the dual punch hole cut out on the plus model to allow obviously for the dual front camera and we believe that it’s probably going to have a wide angle lens much like we see on the Google pixel 3xl now there’s been some conflicting opinions on the battery capacity and a very late case leak which appeared to show text we believe now is the actual battery capacity and it shows that the e model will have a 3100 mAh battery capacity the standard will have a 3500 and the plus model have 4000 the same of course as the no 9 they will all run with the latest Android 9 with a new one UI skin over the top now I’ve actually tested the 1 UI software on my Samsung note 9.

And I personally like what they’ve done it when I first updated the phone I did have a few teething issues but it has slowly ironed itself out so hopefully that will continue with the s10 now of course as we were talking about that case leak it shows the camera cut out and that’s a nice segue into talking about the camera now as you can see we have a triple camera set up on the regular and the plus model whereas we only have a dual camera set up on the eve area so we’re looking at a 12 megapixel regular dual aperture primary camera lens a 16 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens which I personally have been wanting to see them do for quite a long time and a 13 megapixel telephoto lens now traditionally on smartphone cameras that this has been at times 2 optical zoom lens but we are waiting for clarification on these models now the lens that the II variant is going to potentially miss out on is the telephoto one so we think it’s going to have the primary lens and the ultra wide lens now this primary now this dual aperture now this primary lens would now this primary well this primary lens with the variable aperture is designed to create better low-light performance similar to what we saw with the s9 but we’re also going to have a specific night mode built into the camera software again to challenge pixels Nightside now in terms of those core hardware specs we are of course looking at least snapdragon 855 or the Exynos nine eight to zero Samsung’s in-house SOC which will be shipped in Europe for example if you’re from a few areas like the United States you will be getting the 855 snapdragon variant pros and cons to both it’s possible I may be able to get my hands on both their ins and do a test for you if you’d like to see that let me know in the comment section below and I’ll try my best to do that for you now in terms of Graham and storage the e variant is going to have six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage for the regular and plus models are gonna range between 128 gigabytes of storage and one terabyte which is insane.

And also insane is the potential amount of RAM the top therein will have 12 gigabytes of RAM and I actually said in a video a few weeks ago that I thought that this rumour wasn’t gonna be true because of how much RAM is necessary in a smart phone for what we generally use it for it looks like I’ve been proved wrong and it looks like if you want to spend that Squealer Squealer that’s not a word if you want to spend top dollar then you can have 12 gigabytes in terms of colors we’re looking at black white green and blue on all three variants but on the emod ‘el we’re also going to get the potential for a yellow color and the top variant of the s10 plus will come with the option of ceramic black or ceramic white outside of those two variants of course the build quality will be metal and glass as we’ve come to expect with Samsung over the last few years let me know in the comments section below what’s your favorite color in a smartphone and out of all of these variants which one are you most excited to see and possibly buy for more leaked pictures and renders we see that Bixby is going to be there on the side again no although I personally don’t really use Bixby I tend to use Siri to me now happy selling Google assistant of course six beers improving all the time and hopefully in the future it’s something I may use we have a headphone jack ladies and gents which seems obscene almost in this day and age but they’ve put one on there almost every single manufacturer has now done away with that little 3.5 millimeter but it will still be there on the s10 and while I feel this will be the last year they include it as I’ve said in previous videos after the trolling of Apple it kind of needed to be there again this year.

The phone will of course come with type C fast charge fast wireless charging and reverse charging as well which will be the first time that Samsung have included this technology on their smart phones we’ve seen it already with the huawei mate 20 pro which was released a few months ago and although I personally don’t think it’s a feature I would necessarily use a little bit of a gimmick for me you may think it’s very important and one feature I’m sure they will make quite a big deal about at their launch is the fact that with this reverse wireless charging you will be able to charge your wireless galaxy earbuds which they will be releasing as well I’ll also try and get my hands on a pair of those earbuds to again do a review for you and compare them to the likes of the Apple air pods and the oneplus Bullets wireless for example before we got on to release date and pricing exception we have of course the 5g variant to talk about we believe it’s going to have a 5000 mAh battery capacity a six point seven inch quad HD Super AMOLED display and possibly six cameras two on the front and four on the back so launch date is as I mentioned at the start the 20th of February release date we believe is going to be March the 8th and March the 29th for the 5tx model they also much-talked-about foldable phone we believe is going to be released in I wanted to say April but I nearly said March or May mate mate Prague it’s gonna be released in May Pro which is a new month I’ve just made up pricing for the a variant of the s10 is going to be we believe 699 pounds should have some conversions going on here as well I’ll try and throw them in post-production nah the s10 regular will start from 799 and we’ll go up to 999 for the different variants the s10 plus we’ll start at 899 and got to 1099 and the ex-model will come in at around 1400 it’s certainly not gonna be for everyone that model to be honest if some of you guys have got the cash I can’t really tell you not to not my word anyway Who am I to tell you not to buy something don’t buy it do buy it don’t who knows do what you want your money here’s where you guys come in let me know in the comment section below what you think about these variants which is your favourite variant number one.