Revanta Boulevard: Satisfies the name itself

Officers Boulevard
A perfect indication, presenting solidarity and fellowship, Revanta Officers Boulevard truly satisfies this is the name, doled out to it. This is an area where every official can live with emotions of cooperation. The work focuses on providing outstanding environment and comfort, in the market that is full of finalization. People working in the govt places can be set apart from the business areas. Government authorities like to stay in the vicinity to each other, in the same professional area.
For some, how are looking forward to buying a residence  at Officers Boulevard in the right establishing, in the Delhi area, it is like an ambition come true. DDA land agreement plan has made it easier for the property developers to dissect the entire area of Delhi, into three individual places. Different kinds of property projects are due here. Once this begins, the three places, thus recognized, will operate as intelligent places. This, in turn, will help in switching Delhi into a town that is in accordance with all international requirements and in stiles a feeling of harmony.
Benefits and the beneficiaries
The enhancement of intelligent towns at Revanta Boulevard will be based on the area of Dwarka, which is qualified by the ministry of urban development, following the methods of Master Plan Delhi 2021 and Land pooling planning. This is persuaded in action by a team of govt officials, Revanta Boulevard have the propensity to keep together. This way, they will be able to take advantage of many features. The main purpose of the Revanta officer boulevard is to present clean, healthy and high-class living circumstances but at cheap rates.
The question of security is also properly resolved. Offering a person with a house is not our aim, but we endeavour towards providing a friendly environment. We believe in brotherhood set up the competition at Officer Boulevard.