RERA to Take Action against Unregistered Developers

RERA to Take Action against Unregistered Developers

The RERA decided to take action against unregistered developers related to the ongoing projects in different rural areas in Delhi, the regulatory authority will take action soon on the development and developers who have not resisted their projects with the RERA website.

Normally this will be taken after the proper survey and RERA would also impose the illegal projects. Under this section act developers also provided with ninety days. Even the sources also said that it will not impose ten percentages of the cost related to the projects that have not got registration under the schemes.

Related to the source, most of the projects in the rural area the state also still remain out of RERA. Still around twenty developers also registered under the project.

After implementation of the act RERA also takes some real estate projects in the area. Even the penalty also imposed on the developers. When it comes to registration the developers need to pay close attention to some important factors. In addition to this many projects also developed under the scheme.

To safeguard the interest of the consumers the proper decision was taken under the scheme. In general, this three months time period provided for the developers to take actions related to the project registration.

On the whole, the consumers also wishing to make proper registration based on the rules and regulations. The main aim of this plan is to bring more transparency.

Now the developers prefer to make registration on the RERA online portal for the proper development. The people who have booked their flats and residential units and the developer have not registered under the website that it is also important information the authority.

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