Print photos or documents from an IOS device with Epson iPrint app?

Print photos or documents from an IOS device with Epson iPrint app

Epson is another large manufacturer of computer printers, scanners and other fax & printing machines. These printers are manufactured with robust hardware inside along with high-end technology integration, which let users explore features beyond expectations. Moreover, customers are given printer toll free number for online consultation and technical support services. When a user unexpectedly run into a technical glitch or seeking for some advice, can get hold of human representatives by calling their given number.

If you are using an Apple iPad or iPhone and want to print photos directly on Epson WorkForce 520, then here are some easy instructions:

  • Apple iPhone & iPad users can download free Epson iPrint app from Apple App Store before initiating any photo print.
  • Before giving any print commands, make sure that your iPhone or iPad device is connected to the same wireless network as your printer.

If IOS device is not connected to the wireless network, then

  • Find the Settings button on your iPad or iPhone device
  • Tap on Wi-Fi and select the network from the list
  • Supply the Wi-Fi network password given by your Internet Service Provider (for additional guidance read your device’s user’s manual or contact ISP)
  • Now locate the Epson iPrint app on device home-screen and tap to launch
  • Tap in the top of the application “Printer is not listed”, then Printer from the menu
  • Select your printer from the listed devices below (if you do not see your printer, then make sure that your Epson product is turned ON and connected to the same network as your IOS)
  • Tap the Home button in the left top corner
  • Now choose the type of document you wish to print
  • Photos, Saved Documents, Online Storage, Web Page Print or Scan
  • Choose the Photo folder to access the device gallery and choose a photo
  • The photo stored on your device will appear automatically
  • Choose the photo you wish to print and tap on Next
  • The photo will appear in the main screen, now the access the settings icon located in the right-side top corner to adjust print settings.
  • Now you are ready to print your photo.

If you could not get the photo adjustment right after printing, then tap on the Settings button again and customize it again as needed. For additional help, contact Epson printer customer service and speak with their experts about your problems.