PM Modi’s 82-minute speech: Surgical Strike, Triple Divorce, OBC and 2013 vs 2018

PM India

71 years have passed since Independence. On the occasion of Independence Day, the country’s corner has been decorated. There are strict security arrangements everywhere. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolor on the ramparts of the Red Fort at 7.30 am on Wednesday morning. PM paid tribute to Rajghat, the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. After that, the Prime Minister addressed the country from Red Fort to the country, gave a speech about 82 minutes. Prior to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi’s last speech was from the ramparts of this Red Fort. After the speech, the Prime Minister called on the children present near Lalquis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech …

7.33 AM: Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country is crossing new heights today. Today’s sunrise has come up with new excitement. Once in our country, the flower of Nilakurinj rises once in 12 years, this year this flower is blooming like the Ashoka Chakra of the Tricolor.

PM said that today the daughters of many states of the country crossed the seven ocean and painted them with the tricolor. He said that today we are celebrating the festival of independence at that time when tribal children have hoisted the tricolor on Everest.

He said that the session of the two Houses of Parliament has just ended, it is our effort that we have done the task of advancing the justice of the social system in the country. OBC Commission has given us the right to equality by giving constitutional status. The Prime Minister said that every Indian is proud of this today, today we are the sixth largest economy in the world. Many great men have given their lives for the country’s independence, I bow to them all.

During this time the PM greeted all the soldiers of the country and thanked them for serving the country. The Prime Minister said that there are good rains in many places in the country today, but there are flood situations in many places. Wherever there is trouble, the government is supporting.

PM Modi said that the next year Jallianwala Bagh Kund is being completed for hundred years, in this we bow to all those martyrs. Referring to some lines of Subramanium Bharti, poet of South, he said that India will show a new path to the world. PM said that we want that there should be credibility and fear in the world.

The Prime Minister said that in 2014 people have not only made a new government, but they have worked to make the country. Today 125 crore Indians in the country are engaged in creating a new country. PM said that we have to see that where we walked and where we were going, we have to see it. If we consider 2013 as the basis and if you look at the country’s pace since 2014, you will be surprised.

The Prime Minister said that today the fast pace of laying of toilet in the country, giving electricity to the village, giving LPG gas connections to the poor and laying optical fibers is the fastest. If walking at the pace of 2013, it would take decades to do so. PM said that the country, the system, the officials, the people are all but today the country is feeling the change. Today the country is becoming a highway at double speed, while Choguni is making house in the village at the speed.

Addressing the country from Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today we are working on the common sign dictionary for the brothers and sisters of Bhaiya brothers. He said that today there is so much force in the army that he strikes a surgical strike. They said that we have to walk ahead with big goals.

In his speech, the PM also mentioned to the farmers getting the increased MSP, he said that we have fulfilled the old demand. GST has been implemented, even after some initial difficulties came, small traders took it well. He said that our government has taken important decisions like seizure of benami property, OROP.

He said that today the whole world is looking at India with hope, but before 2014 India was not seen with a good look. Today, Is of Doing has reached a good place in business, everyone is today praising India’s Reform, Performance and Transform policy.

PM said that today the world is saying about India’s economy that the sleeping elephant is now alive and ready to run. Today, we were an important member of the institutions in which we could never get place. India has now become a center of investment for billions of dollars.

He said that there are always good reports from North East in the country today, there were such news that nobody wanted to read. Earlier, only big cities were discussed in the country, but now small towns and villages are also playing important roles. PM said that so far 13 crore currency lenders have been given in the country, of which 4 crore people have taken loan for the first time in life. He said that the speed of infrastructure in the country has increased.

PM Modi told the Red Fort that 2022 will be 75 years of independence, or before, any son or daughter of the country will take the tricolor in the hands in the air. Whether the moon or the moon will now take us humans with the Gaganan. This will be completely Made in India. They said that we draw streaks on the stone or not the butter.

The Prime Minister said that due to the cleanliness drive, the lives of nearly three lakh children have been saved. The first hygiene campaign was ridiculed. The PM said that the Indian government has decided to start the Prime Minister’s Public Health campaign, this Ayushman will benefit 10 crore families under the plan of India. An annual healthcare scheme of Rs 5 lakh is offered to 50 million citizens, and the scheme will be implemented in the whole country on 25th September ie the birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. These populations are more than the US, Canada and Mexico.

The Prime Minister said that earlier the money used to go on behalf of the government, but did not reach the public. There were about 60 million people who were never born and government money was going on in their name. Our government has stopped this corruption, it has left the government 90 thousand crore rupees. All these money used to eat middlemen.

PM said that the number of direct tax payers was only 4 million by 2013, but now this number has increased to seven crore. I assure tax payers that you are being benefitted from the tax money, and about 3 poor families eat every tax from the taxpayer.

The Prime Minister announced that women will be permanently given entry in the short service commission. Earlier, these benefits were available to men only. Even today, people with mentality of demonic tendencies giving challenges to women powers are doing wrong, rape is very painful. The society has to be freed from it, in the past, the accused of rape in Madhya Pradesh was given the sentence of hanging in five days.

The PM said that the three divorced prejudices have troubled the Muslim sisters of our country, we did this in this session to bring the bill in Parliament, but some people are not allowing it to pass. He said that today the difficulties of Naxalites have increased in the country, which were spread in 125 districts in the first place, now they have remained very less.

On the Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister said that we want to move on the principle of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, we only want to advance mobilization, Kashmiri and humanity. In Kashmir, we do not want to go ahead with the bullet but rather we want to move forward. Want to do proper and equal development throughout Jammu and Kashmir. The PM said that our government still wants to move forward with the development and development policy of everyone.

He said that our goal is to complete the dream of Housing for All, Power for All, Sanitation, Water, Cooking, Insurance and Connectivity.

The Prime Minister said that I accept that I am impatient that many countries have gone ahead of us. I want to take my country forward from these countries. I’m restless, distraught, impatient Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended his speech at 8.54 pm