Own your dream home with Antriksh Urban Greek

Sir Syed Residency
The national capital of India is a city that many people want to own a house in. People from various backgrounds find a common ground as culture exchange and diversity is fostered by the celebration of various festivals. It is not a surprise then, that many people seek to build their own nest here in the capital city. However, to find a quality housing option in Delhi is not a cake. Countless people have seen their search for the same come to naught.
As everything has an exception, so is the case with the above mentioned analogy. After delivering wildly successful projects one after the another, Antriksh Group have unveiled their new master class: Antriksh Urban Greek. A perfect marriage of quality housing and nature, Antriksh Urban Greek provides all the facilities the residents of Delhi yearn yet the hassles of Water scarcity and power outages in the scorching summer season is nowhere to be seen.
Located near the upcoming Dwarka sub-city, Antriksh Urban Greek, a unit of L Zone projects, offers seamless connectivity to the Dwarka metro station along with the numerous local commuting options available. Along with lush gardens, the enviable facilities like state of the art gymnasium and tennis courts along with long jogging tracks crisscrossing the wide green open spaces and tennis courts offer a holistic option for the older generations as well the upcoming ones.
Being one of the L Zone projects you can enjoy all the benefits of accessing the Delhi hotspots, yet be unplugged from the hassles of a cosmopolitan city with your very own nirvana. Along with the meditation centers catering to the folks slugging it out every day in the corporate jungles to the huge auditoriums helping you to reconnect and rediscover kinship with unknown faces, Antriksh Urban Greek is designed to reinvigorate and realign you to your true self. And with CCTV cameras monitoring each and every nook and corner, you don’t have to worry about your security even one bit.
While there are many things that may not be possible, owning your dream home in Delhi is not one of them.