Noida and Greater Noida, the New Focus Center for Investors after the Jewar Airport Launch

Jewar Airport Project

Industrial Investors are nowadays switching their attention from Gurgaon to Noida and Greater Noida following the advanced solid infrastructure and improved law and order coming together with the proposed Jewar Airport Project. According to some of the industry insiders, plenty of queries are coming for the purpose of industrial investments among which most of them were earlier interested in investing in Gurgaon. Following the declaration of the commencement of Jewar Airport Project by the government, the investors are looking for all kinds of investment prospects in Noida and Greater Noida territory rather than Gurgaon.

Providing deeper insights into this sudden transfer in the center of attraction of the investors, president of the Greater Noida Industries Association, Aditya Ghildiyal said that many big scale industries from Europe are looking for investment possibilities in Noida given the initiation of Jewar Airport project by the government. Noida has already covered its bases for these kinds of investing with a far better infrastructure and law and order situation than Gurgaon. The only hassle coming in huge scale industrial investing initiation was the lack of an international airport and with the proposed Jewar Airport Project, it was simply a matter of time for the investors shifting their focus to Noida and its surroundings. As a matter of fact, many already existing entities are also considering to shift their base from Gurgaon to Noida following the losses in businesses due to heavy traffic related problems in Gurgaon, he added.

Comparing the economic viability while investing between Noida and Gurgaon, Aditya Ghildiyal further commented that the land costs in Noida is almost 25 to 30 percent lesser than that of Gurgaon, which is also catering to this shift of focus as the other facilities are going to be same for the investors in Noida once the Jewar Airport is ready to operate.

Vipin Malhan, president of the Noida Entrepreneurs Association seconded the thoughts of Ghildiyal and added that in the ongoing scenario, the only benefit that Gurgaon was enjoying over Noida was the availability of an International Airport. Besides that, Noida is anyway a better potential for industrial investment. The Jewar Airport Project and the proposed airport metro line are bound to create a snowball effect in the investments in ITES and service sectors which needs quick and proper transport networks for better business possibilities, he concluded.