NASA launches its new Selfie App

Nasa New App for Selfi

American Space Agency NASA has launched a new app for selfie lovers. It has been named the NASA Selfie’s app. It is a virtual reality app, with the help of which users can take selfies in the virtual space suit and even share it on social media without leaving the space.

The app will be available at both the Android and iOS app stores : this NASA app is available on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS Store. Apart from this, users can also download this app from NASA’s site. In this app, NASA has given background to 30 eye-catching space locations such as the Milky Way, Mountains of Creations, the Heilix Nebula, the Origin Nebula and the North America Nebula. Which are of HD quality. When selecting these images as background, there is also a sound to get the fielding of space.

Spitzer is taken from the telescope, given the image: NASA’s subsidiary unit, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that all these background images were taken by NASA’s Space Telescope Spitzer. It was reported from the Laboratory that this app also provides information about the science behind these background images. NASA has launched its App Spitzer Space Telescope’s 15th anniversary.