My HP Computer Turns ON, But Screen Remains Blank

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The following blog contains solutions for Windows 10 & 8 Computers.

There are numerous aspects of this type of problem in HP computers. Specifically, this type of issue could be severe in many conditions and require proper assistance from online HP Customer Support team. How disappointing could it be? When your computer suddenly stops responding and reject your access to your data & applications. Although you can call on HP Customer Service Phone Number and share your computer problems directly with HP professional technicians, but also this can be a time-taking issue.

Possible causes and solutions

We have brought some possible reasons behind this problem in HP computers along with solutions. One of the following moves may rectify this problem and allow access back to your computer again. Beyond hardware fault, we can eliminate blank screen error in Windows 10 & 8 HP computers by checking:

  • Windows updates installation & configuration- In some cases, the issue may occur due to new Windows updates installation and configuration. Windows 10 & 8 computers usually install latest updates automatically and at the time of reboot they prompt to configure them. If we force shut down our computer during the configuration of new Windows updates, then on next reboot we are possibly going to see Blank Screen Error, wherein we must leave our computer idle for 15-20 minutes and wait until it restores the regular desktop back again. Despite performing following method, if your computer is not back to regular screen, then contact on HP Support Number for advance diagnosis from their experts.
  • Faulty monitor screen– Your computer may have a faulty monitor or wires that are not supplying the power to monitor. To ensure the health of your HP monitor, first check all the wires connected to it and replace, if any found damaged. Now also, connect an additional TV monitor via HDMI wire or VGA cable to the computer to testify the good monitor.
  • A temporary software malfunction- Your HP computer can possibly have a black or blank screen on reboot due to temporary software malfunction. You can perform a Hard Reboot on your computer to ensure no software malfunction. In order to perform Hard Reboot, unplug the power cord and press & hold the power button on computer tower or laptop for up-to 30 seconds. Now release the power button, connect the power cord and restart your HP computer.
  • Unplug all external media drives- A miscommunication between your computer and an external media hard drive may cause this problem. Before moving forward, you must unplug all external media drives (External Hard Drive, Thumb drive, CD Disk, USB wired printer, Camera etc.) and then reboot your computer.

The above methods are effective in most conditions and help user get back on HP computer again. If your device is not responding yet, then  contact HP Customer Support for proper check-up and recovery of your device.