MPD 2021 will make it Easy to Settle in Delhi

Delhi Affordable Housing

MPD 2021 is a plan developed by the Union Urban Development Ministry that aims at turning the city into a well-planned and well-connected city with cheap affordable housing for everyone. With MPD 2021 it will become easy to settle in Delhi as it promises to bring affordable housing within easy access of people.

The Urban Development Ministry of the country has drawn up a draft of what is probably one of the finest policies for urban redevelopment – the Land Pooling Policy. According to this policy, every single land owner is qualified to sell their piece of land to the government. However, it has also been strictly mentioned that there will be no sale of land without the owner’s explicit and willing consent. This is to ensure that nobody can coerce owners into selling land.

By the use of the Land Pooling Policy, the owner will get back up to 40 to 60 percentage of the land that they give up or sell. The rest of the acquired land will be preserved by the Urban Development Ministry in accordance with the policies laid down by MPD 2021. It will be used for the infrastructural growth of the city by Delhi Affordable Housing which aims to provide cheap housing to the middle class and upper middle-class citizens.

Delhi Affordable Housing is a portal specifically meant to provide customers with all kinds of cheap housing schemes. It is trustworthy and guarantees complete transparency and trust. Working under MPD 2021, this portal brings to you affordable houses, apartments and even villas in the city that will make it very easy to settle here without any worries.