Master Plan 2021: Daunting Challenges, Promising opportunities

Every five years, policy makers in Delhi get together to scratch their hands in hope of finding a solution to the perennial challenge that engulfs the state capital: Ensuring that the ever-increasing population is continuously harnessed to its full potential so that Delhi’s greatest asset doesn’t turn into its greatest nemesis. Building Metro, checking out the development of areas like Narela and many similar to it has helped Delhi’s expansion plans pan out smoothly while ensuring that the ones who hope for building their own nest in the national capital are not left out. It’s a job that demands the most but returns the least of gratitude from anybody. Every plan earmarked for Delhi’s future has its own set of challenges, each unique, each more difficult than the other and each looking seemingly impossible to fulfill. The one drawn for 2021, though, looks the most daunting of all if the figures are anything to go by.
That the National capital is struggling with a population explosion would be stating obvious. However, the burden has grown to be even more tiresome in recent years. The greatest asset of Delhi has seen the capital city struggle to maintain the status quo. With every train comes a fresh batch of aspirants looking to make their own home in the capital, swarms of skilled labor descending down the train give the NCR an edge over all the other cities in the North India. In the next five years, it has been predicted that more than ten million people would have been added in the State census and more could be likely given that the government figures haven’t won accolades for their accuracy. Thus, the challenge of providing an affordable housing for many of them throws up a huge conundrum. Compromise on the luxury and feel the wrath of the discontent of the middle class families. Build expensive apartments and witness it stokes the anger among the ones who miss out.
Very few properties in the NCR manage to achieve a balance between the two. The DAH NX One GreenTech is one of them.
Continuing the tradition that has seen DAH NX One Noida capture the imagination of the NCR dwellers, it offers unparalleled facilities while ensuring that the home of your dreams doesn’t end up remaining just a dream. The facilities like:
1) Close proximity to the Noida metro station
2) Seamless connectivity to NH 8
3) Spacious apartments with maximum views on the outside while ensuring that the inward spaces are fully utilized.
4) Full proof security with CCTV cameras and Fire fighting systems to prevent untoward incidents.
And many more offers irresistible opportunity for the ones who work to make their dreams of owning a house a reality. Like the entire project for DAH Group, the DAH NX One projects have been developed while keeping the people at heart of all our ventures.
The Delhi Master Plan 2021 has been unveiled with its fair share of criticism and fanfare. While the critics are harping on the possibilities of the plan bombing and the growing population finally getting the better of Delhi, the DAH Group strives continuously to make its vision a reality via its ventures like the DAH NX One. The greatest asset of our magnanimous city, the people, people who commute via the metro or drive a car, people who throng the multiplexes or explore investment opportunities every day, these people continuously are harnessed as our greatest strengths rather than our greatest weakness. Because every time our city has been written off is the time our city and its people have responded even more stronger.