Leverage the Legacy of World Trade Center at Chandigarh

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Today’s business world requires superlative infrastructure and large workspaces to do world class business with global associations so that they prosper & develop in this extremely volatile, uncertain and constantly changing market. To meet these dynamically changing demands of Indian trade, the Viridian Group in association with the WTCA is developing Chandigarh’s very own WTC. The first WTC was set up in the New York City, in 1970 and the WTCA (World Trade Center Association) was established at the same time to encourage business development all over the world. Today over 750,000 organizations are linked to the World Trade Center Association in over 331 cities worldwide.

Launching a World Trade Centre in the Tri city means serving millions of organizations not just in India but all over the world. WTC associated businesses enjoy amenities & business services that is spread in around 331 cities of the world. The main objective of the World Trade Center Association is to increase the commerce in countries by providing conducive environment for doing business. The World Trade Center Chandigarh is well linked to other places of India & with the globe. The National Highway lies near the site. The same is true for the local airport and railway station.Bookings for offices are going on at a high rate. Small, medium and large enterprises are flocking to register their commercial spaces in the advantageous space of WTC. For organizations looking for global exposure, it’s a dream come true.