LDRA: The Future of Farmhouses in Delhi has Arrived

The capital city of India has commanded a legion of hopefuls whose dream is to own a place in Delhi to call their own. However, with the city home to not just countless middle-class families but a large number of affluent families hoping to live a lifestyle to satisfy their lavish needs. Thus, the Ministry of Urban Development in Delhi had formulated the law of Low Density Residential Area, also known as
Quite simply, DDA LDRA Policy seeks to earmark swathes of land that cannot handle the stress of high density population akin to areas like Karol Bagh, Janakpuri, etc. Thus, the government has come up with revised set of rules that protects countless villages that lie within the jurisdiction of Delhi. Seeking to protect these villages with shallow underground water levels and brittle natural resources, these areas have been assigned to the LDRA. Thus, these are the places that are the future abode of Farmhouses in Delhi/NCR. With more than 47 villages lying in this region, this policy has come as a boon for all the stakeholders involved. For the villagers, it’s a gateway to huge sums of money that can ensure the security of the future of all of the families. With the advent of Farmhouses, there can be an increased advent of facilities and an increase in regularity of maintenance of the civic facilities.
However, arguably the bigger beneficiary are the people waiting for an opportunity to own a farmhouse in Delhi NCR. According to the earlier rules, the ownership of a farmhouse warranted an area of 2.5 acres. This was a big roadblock in owning a home in Delhi. With the DDA LDRA Policy though, an owner can be entitled to build a farmhouse in Delhi NCR region even if the area is 1 acre. By slashing the requirement of area by 150 times, the government has opened many new avenues for building a farmhouse. In addition to this, the construction area has seen a whopping permissible limit from 1000 sq. ft to 8712 sq. ft. Thus, larger area for construction sees more bungalows available than what was there previously.  However, the biggest pull has been the fact that all these houses will lie within the jurisdiction of Delhi government thereby making them perfectly legal and very affordable.
With lower prices owing to these policies, many Farmhouses in Delhi NCR have been coming up. The availability has increased and so has the awareness among the common folk. And therein lies the disadvantage. Due to extremely high demand, properties like these are disappearing at a rapid pace and the window of opportunity has been shrinking for quite some time. To make up your mind, you have very limited amount of time. To register, you have even less. The properties are expected to be acquired in the near future and thus, the chance for you to own the lavish lifestyle in a city of dreams in now. For more details visit Delhi Gates Dwarka