Latest Development of Land Poling Policy to Guide MPD 2021 for a Better Living

Land Pooling Policy
As per the latest development in the Land Pooling Policy which has been sent by the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will provide an efficient service so that the interference in developing the Delhi Smart Cities can be eradicated to a considerable extent.
Responsibilities to cater by DDA as per MPD2021
The fabrication of the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 (MPD2021) will include few guidelines that should be amended while designing the Delhi Smart Cities.  Following are the responsibilities that DDA will cater to make the process more feasible and unhindered.
  • Proper disclosure of the Land Pooling Policy in the public domains to encourage good practice and declare the areas considered to be developed under the policy. The stakeholders can suggest innovative ideas that will make the best out of the resources.
  • The applications for the land pooling process will have its own approval unit. The authorities that are concerned with this aspect should provide clearances within the estimated time.
  • The gallant step to reserve 15% of residential Floor Area Ratio of 400 for the economically weak section is also included.
  • FAR of 250 should be reserved for public development for all types of development.
  • The facilities should match the residential density of 800-1000 persons/hectare.
  • As per the MPD 2021, the developer entity is allowed for legit land pooling in order to plan, service, and develop by abiding the guidelines stated in the policy.
The implementation of the policy solely means to practice proper development practices in compliance with the environmental factors and the needs of the modern lifestyle.