Kejriwal Pacifies Delhi Farmers for LPP On Baseless Demand Of 10% Pooled Land


The Vipassana course has perhaps given Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal a new light on politics. His new stretch to pacify the despair farmers of Delhi on delaying land pooling policy makes him look confident of playing a new-age politics. His latest speech at Khera in Najafgarh was a shallow attempt at creating the image he always wanted to have.His speech was full of self-patronization and how everybody is going against the Delhi government.  It is evident that Delhi Government will try its best to get the full statehood for Delhi as was witnessed here when Kejriwal unveiled the statue of Delhi’s first CM Chowdhary Brahm Prakash and citing how previous CMs have righteously stood for making Delhi a state. However, the common man of Delhi has already learnt that Delhi Government is neglecting the highly important issue of land pooling by its constant demand for statehood.

Talking of creating demands, our esteemed CM seemed to have achieved a level of expertise on that. After laying the land pooling policy at dark for more than a year, the CM demanded 10% pooled land from DDA’s share from nowhere. This statement was released with the declaration of implementation of policy as soon as the demand is met. On giving a reply to these questions, the central government told the Delhi Government that their demands are neither reasonable nor economically viable. In addition to this, Ministry of Urban Development also made it official and cited that Delhi government is already in possession of 27000 bigha land that was given at Re 1 per annum to them. What’s saddening to know is that the so called ‘honest’ Kejriwal government never disclosed this notification of Ministry of Urban Development to people. Taking his bravery to a new level, Kejriwal again tried to impress people with his statehood agenda due to which land pooling policy has lost all its sheen.

He has sensed that farmers’ displeasure over this policy and is, again and again, trying to soothe them through some way or the other. In this meeting, he said that people are wronging the government over the delay of LPP. But he is forgetting that the government itself is doing so by not standing to what they had promised. Even after issue of delay of LPP emerging in discussions in Parliament, Delhi government looks to make no note of that. Land Pooling Policy is becoming the bone of contention between thecentral government and Delhi government. Whether this has anything to do with the elections coming next year or not will be seen shortly. In the midst of all these riddles, it is the people of Delhi-NCR who are getting screwed day in and day out with the delay of such far-reaching beneficial policy.