Invest wisely and Choose Luxury


When we speak about investing in India, images of people toiling tirelessly and saving penny. While noble, this definition has led to many myths being associated with Investing and how we come to think about it. Anytime the choice comes up between enjoying our own hard-earned money or making a choice for the future, we find ourselves at crossroads. The misconception has led us to scorn at someone choosing to be a bit lavish and adore who choosing otherwise. That misconception is about to be admonished with the arrival of Ambience Tiverton.


Ambience Group is a name that is trusted by millions worldwide. Each of our offerings have been won plaudits for novelty and quality and with our latest venture in the realm of Real Estate, a new era is about to unfold. The Ambience Tiverton located in Sector-50, Noida has already piqued the interests of the Delhi residents and not for any reason. The latest offering from the house of Ambience seeks to balance the scales when it comes making quality investments in Real Estate. Investment, and more importantly, investing wisely doesn’t have to be a compromise between luxury and growth.

Delhi has been sitting on potential investments in real estate for many years and it’s only now that those claims taking shape. The advent of Ambience Group, Tiverton sees a promising investment on offer. Noida is being touted as the next big city with loads of potential. Close proximity to city coupled with excellent infrastructure has seen the value of property spaces in and around Delhi appreciate to a great extent. And with the potential investment on the horizon, the buyers have an excellent chance to appreciate the value of their hard earned money. With the arrival of the crowd all across from India in the coming years, the demand for quality housing options would only set to rise. To own such an option would be a prospect that can yield significant returns.

But all that investment doesn’t have to come at the cost of enjoying the perks of a modern lifestyle. With the entry of Ambience, there has been a dawn of a new era in the Real Estate. What was once a domain of the elite has now become a ubiquitous feature of homes which are a part of the Ambience Tiverton. With the latest features and unparalleled benefits, you can enjoy a quality lifestyle sans any compromises. With Yoga space and Jogging area, you can maintain your health everyday while a separate playing area for kids guarantees a healthy child for your family. Gated society with highest security standards, the safety of your family is kept of paramount importance. A Multi-cuisine Clubhouse maintained by Leela and Spa, an offering unheard of in societies till now, is included in the Ambience Tiverton. With the plethora of many more facilities, the limits have been blurred of what can be expected.

While the importance on Investment can’t be put into numbers, the value of smart investments is understated in our psyche. Thanks to Ambience Tiverton the compromise between luxury and saving would no more be a roadblock.