Improve the Employee Opportunity of youth by Skill Training Programme from the Maruti Suzuki Limited

Skill India Program

In India, more than 1.3 billion population is under the age of 25. It is predictable that India’s population average age will be 29 in the year 2020 when compared to the forty years in the country of United States, in Europe (46 years) and as well as in Japan (47 years).

As well as it is expected that in the year 2022 there will be more than 100 million fresh candidates in the labor market. From this 40 percent of the population in the country is that the young workers are to hold up the function of the rapid economic growth in Nations. Adversely still the gap among the creative work strength and then the employment and industrial opportunities are obtainable to them in the state carry on to expand.

There is a massive number of sectors are available in India, but some sectors such as IT (Information Technology) were extremely looked upon so far to be on the unsteady ground which is followed by many insecure states of manufacturing industry even in the country. The workplace huge section is previously vulnerable with dated and inappropriate skills person scattered through the massive number of government colleges, schools, and institutes around the country.  The technology still continues to rush forward in limits and leaps by both the white and blue collar jobs will become more increase.

By the year 2022, the massive number of skill challenge i.e. 400 million young Indians will be charged. At the national level and the sub-nations levels as well, the MSDE will compulsorily require coordinating with 22 departments and ministries. Even though the sturdy Government impulsion via the programmes such as the Skill India and Make in India, the questions of excellence talent so that the goods manufactured in India stay below assumption.

Therefore it needs an hour for the industry to participate in the skill training programmes to make sure that the essential and suitable skills are taught. As well as the certification system and clear standards will be taught. And then the suitably planned and implemented lasting skill improvement strategy is also implemented.

Moreover, the Skill Development is one of the techniques of the Maruti Suzuki Limited’s which is social responsibility programme. The main aim of this project is to improve the youth employee ability by enhancing the excellence of skill training. The aim of Maruti Suzuki is to communicate skill the students based on the advance & latest automobile technologies and teach them on the soft skills as well. The scheme of the skill growth is dedicated fill the skill gap and be the important provider to India’s government in a programme called the Skill India.

The Maruti Suzuki Limited provide a training course to the students and as well as trainers via many industry exposure and workshops. Its main aim is to teach the soft skills to the students to make them a perfect job.

  • In the Maruti Suzuki’s Skill improvement program in Automobile Trade, more than 10000 students got the benefit
  • In the year 2016 and 2017 massive number of students i.e. 2200 students have immersed into MSIL service network. So far more than 4200 students absorbed in total.
  • From the ITI’s supported, the 34 percent of the MSIL total requirement for the technicians is met
  • Across the country, it has tie-up with 110 ITI’s
  • As well as for the foremost time, the Japanese trainer who has 40 years of experience was invited to teach technical training for the students.

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