Important Things you should know about Master Plan Delhi 2021

DDA land pooling projects

The benefits of a land pooling agency are such that, it can understand by anyone in the society. Now the issues that arise are why land pooling process is not able to regulate the LPP in Delhi.

We are responsible citizens of Delhi can request our government with the fully pledged to regulate the Land Pooling Policy in fledge nature considering a prosperity it brings to the city. It may not only lay the ground for the hard core of world class development, but it would give the deserved importunity to middle-class people to afford the house in this sectors. The dream of owning the high-level home with reasonable price in Delhi will definitely be fulfilled if the LPP are passed.  If the government needs to do any magic for the people, it may just need to take simple but effective measures, and this may be one of them.

The master plans are the long-term of the perspective plan for guiding sustainable designed of the development of the city. This lays down planning guidelines, development code, policies, and space requirements for different socio-economic activities that are supporting the Delhi population depend on the project period. It is essential for each and every infrastructure needs.

We will look at key provisions in Master Plan Delhi 2021 that would have the significant impact on future real-estate development in Delhi. Eighteen focus areas are categorized from the A to R in the plan based on which Delhi will turn into the world-class city. You have to know about the MPD 2021. These were including public participation and plan implementation, shelter, health infrastructure, disaster management, trade and commerce, unauthorized colonies, redevelopment, housing for poor, environment, transportation, conservation of the heritage, informal sector and much more.