Impact Study of the Mega Jewar Airport Project is Approved

Uttar Pradesh Government Approved International Airport In Jewar

On Tuesday, the UP government has approved SIA (Social Impact Assessment) report about the mega international airport project, Jewar airport. The report contains the complete information about the land identified for the development of the international airport at the Jewar. The project location connected Greater Noida along with Agra.

Recently, a meeting is conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Anup Chandra Pandey with the members of Noida international airport limited in Lucknow. It is a company specially formed by the UP government in order to develop and supervise the mega Jewar airport international project.

In the meeting, the project consultant PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) India gave a precise presentation about the project concession agreement draft to the UP chief secretary. The Uttar Pradesh Government officials said that the government would approve the SIA report first in the cabinet and then issue the notification to make further steps for land acquisition.

He also said, the central’s government planning department and PwC India officials will go through concession agreement modalities according to the government suggestions. Additionally, we will revise the project concession agreement once again and get approvals for a chosen developer for the project.

Uttar Pradesh government has directed officials to adjust and submit the concession agreement draft for the official’s discussion in the next 10-15days. The project officials added that once everything was done properly, the UP government would issue the proper notification along with the agreement to do a further selection of the developer.

Airport work starts soon as the UP government offered green signal

The Uttar Pradesh government has offered the green signal for the NIAL (Noida International Airport Limited) to effort as the special purpose vehicle as well as supervises the whole airport project development.  NIAL chairperson role will be played by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary and chief executive officer will be Yeida (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority).

At the same time, the UP government is not provided any notification regarding the same so far. At present, Yeida is one of the international airport project nodal agencies. However, when the Uttar Pradesh government renders a notification, the NIAL will begin to supervise the Jewar international airport project development. The Greater Noida Authority, the Noida authority, and the Yeida have a bet in the NIAL.

Get to know the member of the company

Both UP government and Noida authority will have a stake of 35.7percent in the company. On the other hand, the Yamuna authority and Greater Noida authority will have a 12.5% stake separately. The member of this company is Yamuna Expressway authorities, Chief Executive officers of the Noida, and Greater Noida. Other members of this company include the secretary, director of the civil aviation department of the UP government, finance of UP government, and industries department Of UP government.

Land acquisition details of the Jewar airport project

In the first phase, UP government will get about 1257 hectares from six villages. In the earlier stage of the plan, the government decided to acquire 1441 hectares of land from eight villages surrounding the project. It includes Banwaribas, Rohi, Kishorpur, Ranhera, Ramner, Parohi, Mukimpur Shivara, and Dayanatpur.

At the sometime, the district administration also excluded Mukimpur Shivara and Kishorpur from the first phase. The district magistrate of the Gautam Budh Nagar, BN Singh said that the Uttar Pradesh government is likely to offer a notification for the airport project’s land acquisition soon after the completion of the requisite formalities.

A journey of Jewar airport project so far

After eight years of struggle, UP Chief Minister has provided a large fund for the development of international airport at Jewar for the betterment for the state in the future. For the project, the government has planned to acquire 1441 hectraes from eight villages. However, the problems raised during the land submission and compensation with the farmers make the project lag for some time.

Since government officials have spoken with the farmers continuously and accepted to their compensation expectations, the project is going to start in few month and gets completed by the year 2020 (first phase). The UP government is going to issues a notification to acquire the land for the project first phase soon. As per official notification, the administration has obtained consent from over 3076 land owners that will enable the government to obtain 1138 hectare.

1220 hectare is the total land needed for the project first phase development that is in the hands of 8300 land owners. The government has obtained land from 93% of owners so far, and waiting for rest of the owner’s acceptance.