I Phone 7 and & 7S

IPhone 7
The city of San Francisco will host WWDC on June 13, the annual conference of Apple Inc. The company uses this platform to unveil its new software and technologies for developers which gives only a few months before Apple reveals what it has to offer in IPhone and IPad running on iOS 10. The keynote address by Tim Cook on the first day of the event will give a sneak preview of the company’s plans and the introduction of the new software. iOS to be launched here, and that will provide a relatively good idea of what iPhone 7 will offer to the fans.
However, the much awaited IPhone 7 will only be launched in September 2016, which gives a couple of months for augmentation for the new device. The rumors, speculations and leaks starting creeping since January 2016 regarding the specifications, design and features. Since 2009, Apple has been using the “S” naming for its phones with feature upgrades without any significant changes in the design. So the next generation IPhone from Apple will only be called ‘IPhone 7′.
While other substantial sites claim that instead of two there will be three IPhone types – the IPhone 7, 7 Plus and the IPhone 7 Pro.
First thing first, most of the rumors till now suggest that this new phone will be the thinnest phone ever by Apple making way for some real good hardware innovations as well. The new and confirmed reports tell us that OLED display will not be there in IPhone 7, and that’s a bit disappointing. Samsung legally tied up with Apple to provide 100 million OLED displays but in 2017. There seems a grim possibility of Apple tie up with another supplier that too only for the year 2016. It probably implies that the design of IPhone 7 similar to 6S.
Apple is more likely to use a metal casing in 2016 reserving an all-glass casing for its 2017 release. With this IPhone 7 will lose on the differentiating factor as most of the competitors in the US are also using the same. It sounds like bad news for the ones hoping for an all new design from Apple in 2016.
Few pictures claiming to be of the new IPhone 7 cropped up online, show three dots at the bottom of the device suggesting to be a Smart Connector for the keyboard support. Rumors are talking about the phone being 6.1mm thin, but it’s believed that more or less the new phone will be of the same size as 6s. The user can connect with the Apple Smart Keyboard without any Bluetooth connection through this magnetic port called Smart Connector.
Not much leaks are coming about the IPhone 7’s camera specifications, but a substantial update is one the cards. Some websites suggest the possibility of a 5.5-inch model which will have a dual lens camera. 3x Zoom Optical Image stabilization. The new phone might utilize the Linx Imaging algorithms for producing higher quality images. In 2015 Apple purchased the Israel-based company Linx. This algorithm uses small lenses and apertures to produce DSLR quality images.
Rumors suggest that Apple will use new technology in packaging to make IPhone 7 thinner. The new technology will make the antenna switching chip inside the phone instead of the existing unattractive antenna bands across the rear. This chip facilitates the switching between LTE, CDMA, and GSM. This new technology is called Fan Out Technology. From production cost perspective, this technology is economical by increasing the number of I/O terminals and decreasing the chip size. So Apple will be able to put in higher performance components in a smaller space.
This time, the company will also do away with 3.5 mm headphone jack. Users will then listen to music through either wireless headphone connected through Bluetooth or with the help of Lightning port. The recently received patent by Apple on wireless listening device technology further cements this possibility. The space saved by removing the 3.5mm jack will be utilized for a second speaker to give a stereo sound in iPhone 7 along with the second amplifier from Cirrus Logic. Apple might also bundle, a pair of Lightning Port headphones.
The battery power included in iPhone 7 will be 7.04 watt-hours which are similar to iPhone 6 but 6.5% more than iPhone 6S.
The news that’s coming out is that iPhone 7 would even be waterproof device and the screen that interacts even when your fingers are wet. Alongside Apple will shield all the main components with electromagnetic interference. This thin shielding protects the device from getting affected by other wireless signal interference.
Apple and Intel are working together on a new chipset which will apparently be called A10 which is expected to be even more powerful and extending the battery life. Now this seems to be a deviation from the existing supplier Qualcomm which currently supplies 9X45 LTE chips. The new A10 chip will be hexa core CPU manufactured through 14nm or 10 nm semiconductor method. The new phone is rumored to have 3GB RAM.
There are rumors that Apple will discontinue the 16GB version with the launch of iPhone 7. The wireless charging feature seems will only be available in 7S. The phone when launched will come in four color options – Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold similar to 6S.
Going by the rumors and speculations circulating and increasing as the expected time of launch of Apple iPhone 7 approaches, it looks Apple is all geared up to outperform its competitors. Nothing is concrete till the actual product hits the market but whispers emerging from time to time suggest an excellent phone again from the Apple stable.