HP Printer Cannot Connect to the Wireless Network

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Most, HP printers support wireless printing and scanning. In today’s era, it is too essential to have a wireless printer at home or office. You cannot afford connecting your computer to a printer all the time or stick to only one device in order to print or scan something. When the devices are already capable and smart enough to render advance hassle-free printing services, then why not taking advantage of them?

The post contains simple instructions to rectify an Internet connectivity issue on HP Printers. We also understand that some people cannot afford spending their precious time in doing a technician’s job, they can simply skip all hassle and contact on HP Printer Support Toll free Number for hassle-free online solutions.

Quick guide to fix HP wireless printer connectivity issues

There are many ways to resolve wireless network connectivity issues in HP printers, we have brought some easy instructions:

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the printer as well as wall while the printer is ON
  2. Unplug the power cord from Internet router or modem and wait for 20 seconds
  3. Now plug in the power cord and turn the router ON
  4. Next perform quick reboot on your computer
  5. Now back to HP printer- plug the power cord back in the wall and then printer
  6. Printer should turn ON itself, else manually turn it ON
  7. Wait until wireless blue light turns solid and then print a test page

The following guide will help you overcome sudden error in wireless network connectivity on HP printers. Although there can be many other aspects of such error:

  1. Printer firmware outdated
  2. HP printer software and drivers are not up-to-date
  3. Misconfiguration of printer drivers
  4. Compatibility issues on computer
  5. Internet Wi-Fi password needs to be updated
  6. Need to perform port setting changes in Internet router
  7. Internet connection is inactive from service provider’s end
  8. HP printer wireless is OFF

Check all above options one by one and detect the actual case to eliminate without any hassles. If you have already given up, then let HP Support Toll Free Number people handle it for you. Contact HP support and get it done by their professional technicians.

In-case of inactive Internet connection contact your Internet Service Provider and get updates regarding the same.