Harsh Jain – A Man Who Brought Fantasy Sports to India

Harsh Jain

Are you fond of playing online games? Well, you may be aware of the fantasy sports. The fantasy sports are one of the popular online gaming platforms, which widely accessed by millions of people throughout the world. With this online platform, one can able to play an online game by assembling virtual teams of the real players of the professional sport.

Are you thinking about why fantasy sports are not hugely accessible in the Indian market? If yes, then you are not updated because fantasy gaming has seen a massive growth in the Indian market now. Let us clear your doubt. Recently, IPL 2018 and FIFA world cup has held in which you must have noticed one brand continuously doing the round i.e. Dream11.

Dream11 is one of the leading fantasy sports platforms in India now, which allows sports enthusiasts to connect with their favorite sport more deeply and avail rewards for showing their expert gaming knowledge. This platform actually fulfills the carvings of the sports enthusiasts who are wishing to play games in real time.

The entire credit to goes to one person who is the founder and CEO of the fantasy sports platform Dream11, Harish Jain. In fact, he is a man who brought the huge platform of fantasy sports to India, especially for sports lovers. Do you want to know more about this platform and the future of fantasy sports in India? Here, you will get to know everything about it.