Guwahati Startup Wify Cab: Another Challenge to Ola and Uber

Guwahati Startup Wify Cab

Almost everyone knows about the two giants in the cab-hailing industry viz Ola and Uber. Now, Guwahati based startup Wify Cab is entering into the highly competitive cab hailing industry of India. The ultimate aim of this startup is competing two giants in the marketplace such as Uber and Ola. Recently, the startup begins its journey along with the little jab “Thank you Ola and Uber for inspiration” on the twitter.

As mentioned already, this new startup is set to compete with the cab giants such as Ola and Uber because it is looking to launch its cab service in over 98 smart cities across the country. The brand unrevealed its aspiring ideas and future technology solutions in the presence of the Priyadarshini Chatterjee who is Miss India 2016 at the Guwahati hotel last week.

Thoughts shared by Wify cab co-founder and Miss India 2016 about this cab launch

Since the brand has already attached over 2000cabs under their business link, it will start their service before Durga Puja in Guwahati. The co-founder of Wify cab, Kristi Shika said that we are very proud to reveal the new brand Wify cab before you. To make this excellent application into reality, we have been communicating with local cab operators and drivers very closely so that we can offer you a hassle free ride throughout the city.

On the launch of Wify cab, Miss India 2016 said that she is extremely happy to see the Guwahati based startup working much closer to fix the daily issues of the commuters throughout the country. Additionally, I hope that the brand will connect all the destinations inside the country and make the travel hassle free. For many years, Guwahati required a modern and useful urban transport system. I think Wify cab will fulfill this void and solve all the commuter problems to the fullest. In fact, being from Guwahati, I am very proud and happy to be a part of this wonderful journey.

Things customers will enjoy from Wify cab

As mentioned above, the cab service will start in the Guwahati city before Durga Puja. They will provide rides within the city at just Rs. 5 per km. To achieve the brand aim, it is attached to over 4000cars. It also comes up with some innovative offers for both customers and drivers. Apart from the passenger cab service, the brand will also render on-demand ambulance service via their mobile application.

Since the brand comes with the mobile application, you can easily access its service whenever and wherever you want. With each download of the mobile application, the customer will obtain Rs. 11000 cash credit in his or her Wify cab wallet. Among them, you can use Rs. 1000 during surge pricing. The rest of Rs. 10000 will be directly credited to the bank account of the customer when he or she books up to 300trips/year for five years.

What Wify cab offers cab owners and drivers?

For cab drivers and owners, the brand introduces unlimited ride recharge coupons. This will enable the cab drivers and owners for commission free unlimited rides. Of course, it is a new concept in the cab industry.  With Rs. 1599 recharge, the cab driver can able to operate their cab for unlimited rides for which the brand will not charge any commission.

Currently, the cab drivers are facing heavy loss due to the aggregator companies charge extremely high commission. At us, we render every single earning to the drivers once they recharge with Rs. 1599. This comes along with the validity of 30days for the limited rides. The co-founder of Wify cab mentioned these things in the cab launch function.

Other highlights of the Wify cabs

Apart from these things, the company is offering accidental insurance and pension scheme for the drivers. Alongside, the drivers will get Rs.5000 bonus for the 100 best performing drivers each month to encourage them. Being a part of the launch offer, the first-month rental charge is completely free for the new drivers. Additionally, the company will add Rs. 3000 to the driver’s wallet that can be redeemed at the subsequent charges. Drivers who refer 50 cabs can get 1-year free recharge.