Grab the opportunity of lifetime and own a home in Delhi

Delhi Affordable Housing
With only few days to go, the buzz around Adhikari Awaas Yojna has been increasing with each passing day. Built exclusively to cater the demand of quality homes among the government officials, Adhikari Awaas Yojna a part of MPD 2021 has been a topic of intense discussion among the bureaucratic circles. And not for nothing is the draw for the houses is this eagerly anticipated.
For the ones unknown, it boasts not just a set of features but many sets on matchless benefits. Located near Sector 2 in the Dwarka Diplomatic Enclave, it is well connected to Delhi and all the nearby areas of the capital city. With Metro offering seamless connectivity to almost all the places in Delhi, the other means of local commute connect the residents to the nearby places. The biggest gain? Enjoy all the things that make Delhi one of a kind and yet be unattached to all the rush and noise that plagues the national capital.
Apart from the location, the array of world-class facilities with Delhi Affordable Housing   is another bonus. Equipped with all the essential amenities of a social life like auditoriums, it has dedicated areas for every age group. Playing areas and meditation center cater to the young and old while the matrix of CCTV cameras installed all-around ensure utmost security for you and your family.  In addition, the uninterrupted supply of water and zero power outages is something unheard of in the capital city.
While the list of the number of features goes on, the biggest hurdle facing the aspirant homeowners is the limited number of CGHS Flats Delhi. Considering the unique proposition of the homes, it is only logical that they would be in very high demand from the outset. But if lady luck smiles on you, there would be no qualms whatsoever. So, hurry and book your jackpot number by May 4, 2017 to get a chance to own your dream home.