Government Passes the Tender Documents for the Jewar Airport Construction in Greater Noida

Jewar Airport

Jewar Airport is finally on its path from where the construction of the international aviation airport looks very likely to take off soon. The wait for the initiation ended after the government of India recently cleared the framework which will be used to develop the international airport in Greater Noida. Further moving the pace of the progressions, the government has also approved the documents for inviting the bid which subjects to certain terms and conditions. The global bidding invitation will be issued once the Project Monitoring and Implementation Committee (PMIC) clears the framework and within a few months, Jewar Airport will get its construction agency.

The document for inviting bid was also passed by the civil aviation ministry on May 6th. The finance ministry and the Niti Aayog to whom the tender documents were earlier sent, suggested some elements be added which was duly entertained by the Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL). On the April 23rd in Lucknow, PMCI cleared the documents for inviting bids and passed it to the central government who also approved it to make the way for the tender issuance.

After the approval, it is expected that the bidding invitation will be issued for the Jewar Airport in the coming few weeks. NIAL has already started to prepare as the tender is anticipated to attract many foreign entities who might be interested in developing the Jewar Airport. The tender documents have been strategically put together so that there are no obstacles for the foreign companies willing to take up the construction work. According to the NIAL, it would be in the best interest if the bidding process attracts companies in gigantic numbers as it would ensure the construction of the airport to be completed within the set time period. NIAL will be confirming the companies selected for the construction of the airport within the few months of the tender issuance.