Google Select Indian AI Startup for the Demo Day Asia

AI Startup for the Demo Day Asia

Now, there are many startups to apply for the demo day event. The demo day event is conducted by the search engine giant Google. The google helps the startups to take part in the demo day event.  It is considered as the Google demo day that beneficial for the startup. They give the application for the startups that need to take part in the demo day Asia.

Recently, they select the top 10 startups for the Google demo day event. The Google receives lots of application from the startup throughout the world. The sigtuple artificial intelligence startup in Bengaluru is finalized for the Google demo day.

Totally, there are ten starts selected for the demo day event. They get the opportunity to take part in the demo day event. The sigtuple is the artificial intelligence company that focuses on the healthcare screening process. It is one of the companies from India among the ten startups. They are selected for the demo day Asia of google.

The startups keep the demo day schedule in order to attend the event. This is conducted very soon in shanghai china in the month of September. The Google receives lots of submission from startups around the world.

The startups from every corner of Asia Pacific are willing to attend to the Google demo day. It is suitable for the industry, agriculture, healthcare, and entertainment. The google gets the 350 qualifying application from the company. Ten start ups are only selected for the google that conducted in China.

Google announce the top finalists:

The people also check other finalists attend the event. The google releases every detail quickly through the online sites. The finalist for the Google demo day event involves dycodeX from Indonesia. It is the startup company that mainly works on IoT for the livestock farming.

The Australia freight exchange is the e-platform company that well-known for the freight carries. They sell the spaces to the shipper through Australia. Japan’s GITAI is the startup that develops the robots that very helpful for the human to manage the scientific experiment in a simple way. This is the suitable service provider for the space industry.

The next one, Pakistan’s Marham is the e-healthcare platform that best for the healthcare industry.  The startups can attend the event and deliver the idea about the present services in the today industry. They give their ideas to the leaders from google.

They present the thoughts to the panel of the Google for entrepreneurs on the event day. This is held as soon as possible in the month of the September 20 in Shanghai. Recently Michael Kim said that the startup can able to impress the audience with the great funding from the investor. The fund can raise up to $100,000 in the Google cloud platform credits.

The Google demo day is very beneficial for the different range of the business and opts for raising $273 million. The sigtuple is the Indian startup that selected for the demo day Asia final. It is regarded as the Bengaluru based health technology company. The company has been chosen among the top ten finalists.