Google Answer to the Question “Why Google Cloud”? With Effective Demonstration and Services

Google Answer to the Question “Why Google Cloud

Among the famous ongoing renovations at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Google Cloud next 2018 has been opened recently. This technology was got rebranded in the year 2016 as the modest, unassuming technology with a stuffing of cash. It is transformed in the topmost tier-show as the one which clearly caters to the shock & fright of AWS global summit, Oracle OpenWorld, and Dreamforce.

The partly rebuild convention center acts as the suitable visual representation for the Google’s cloud business in a promising way but not have equal balance with Microsoft Azure or AWS when it is measured by market share or revenue. In technological terms, Google has a powerful hand to play and enjoy.

Diane Greene is known as the Google’s cloud business CEO who was delivered through rotating booth to the stage instead of more theatricality with a usual executive walk-on. Her main objective was to provide a solution to the question, “Why Google Cloud?”

People who came as the audience had looked up their shoulders as the Green’s remarks were quite easy to predict due to the visible teleprompter screen which suspends from the midst of the hall. Think of it as the initial step towards transparency.

The cloud services platform tends to debuts, mixing containers, AI, monitoring, management etc for the sake of the public. Google’s cloud Next 18 has opened up a new way for the technological improvement.

Why Google Cloud?

Greene has brought McNamara, Target CIO Mike to stage for answering the question. However, the retail giant has turned out to be the GCP (Google Cloud Platform), the customer. McNamara said that when you look back before few years, infrastructure was similar to driving around in horse & buggy. But today, you have three different kinds of performance vehicles parked around the driveway.

The cars which we think seem to stand for AWS, Google, and Azure which belongs to the three different public cloud service providers. McNamara gave a vague answer – Google and Target tend to share plenty of values as Google is dedicated to being open source. In addition to that, the same could be revealed about Microsoft or Amazon.

At last, he dropped a question that at the end of the day, he did not choose Google rather it was his engineers. Without any doubt, Greene would be considered as the more vigorous statement of GCP superiority.

The Target and Unit are regarded as the point of customer-win examples which has taken up the Google Cloud platform. The Greene’s answer is they have been incredibly working hard to create certain things for you which will make you suffice. It tends to work for the car rental biz Avis with 1962, ‘we try harder’ ad campaign: when you are only number two, you had worked harder.

Greene discovered that whilst she is proud of the Google’s avant-garde technology and she is proud of introducing the fundamental features which are necessary for playing the enterprise game. Before to two years, when Greene was hired, vital things such as compliance stuff, full audit logs as well as fine-grained security – the things huge biz IT usually cares about – were found to be missing. At present, Googlers tend to work on it. Thus, why Google Cloud? Since Greene trained Google to listen to the enterprise clients and to make them feel highly comfortable.

What Could Go Wrong When You Run Google Cloud Services On-Premises?

Urs Holzle, SVP College of engineering, has a chance to talk about the important GCP launch on the stage which is famously known as a cloud services platform. It is an assortment of services which seems to operate on GCP or on-premises with constant development, management & control frameworks.

The Cloud services platform comprises of Google Kubernetes Engine, GKE on-prem as well as Managed Istio. The Kubernetes Engine is known to be the managed Kubernetes on the GCP, the GKE on-prem is considered to be the managed Kubernetes at your own data center which is arriving soon as the alpha release as well as Managed Istio which is regarded as the open-platform for managing, connecting and secure microservices through load balancing, metrics, policy as well as authentication.

It is fully supported by means of the stack driver monitoring & GCP marketplace for the 3rd party integrations. More than that, it tends to work well with the developer services such as Knative, which is regarded as container-based serverless app framework for the kubernetes & cloud build, which is a managed CD/CI platform. Istio has attained 1.0 in terms of open-source but now comes up with API management service, Apigee API management for Istio.

Holzle also declared about GKE policy management, that aids admins configure & control kubernetes & stackdriver service monitoring that offers a real-time service graphical representation for computing environments, monitoring focused at service-level objectives as well as service dashboard to increase problem resolution & debugging. He also discussed with the sister site “The Next platform” ahead of the today’s event in order to discuss Kubernetes, cloud and many more.

Prabhakar Raghavan who is a Vice Principal of Engineering for G Suite, reach the stage with word of improvements to Google’s collaboration suite and productivity. The most significant feature is the security center investigation tool that facilitates G Suite admins to gaze into & remediate the security problems. For instance, Raghavan has explained that it can let the admin investigate the unusually massive amount of file transfers out of the domains.

Where It Arrives From The World?

Another vital improvement of the G Suite admins seems to be the advent of data regions that facilities the admin to indicate where data locate geographically, something which matters for corporate compliance and policy.

Raghavan has declared a plentiful of other improvements such as:

  • Smart compose for the Gmail, which is introduced in the May month for the consumer market and it is found to be available for the Google’s business clients in few weeks time.
  • Google Docs will provide grammar suggestions for the early adopters
  • The smart reply has been launched in the hangouts chat
  • Voice commands are being included into the Hangouts to meet up the hardware needs.
  • Google assistant commands will be directed towards the conferencing hardware

Fei-Fei Li, who is known to be the chief scientist of machine learning and Artificial intelligence, has offered an update on everyone’s individual topic. AI & machine learning is known to be the most talk about topic among the public. Everyone tends to gush about AI where Greene considers it as Number 1 opportunity of Google.

As most of the cloud services indicate products with specific baggage, AI brings with things with both concern and hype. Li insisted that though it is a promising science, AI transforms industries present all over the world.

License To Destroy

It has been Google’s party line since it started to evolve first as the AI-oriented software & services a few years ago. As of now, the employee resignations & protests have convinced the Google to detach itself from the Project Maven, which is a Pentagon program to make use of AI on video images for the sake of military applications including remote-controlled killer drones. The web giant has turned out to be more careful in the AI celebration.

The caution could be heard from the Li’s observation that AI is empowerment & it is our objective to democratize it. According to our remark, we are developing technology which is not just powerful rather it must be trustworthy as well.

Critics of AI argue that it is just the opponent that AI through its algorithmic opaqueness disapproves human oversight & let bias to leave unchecked. For the effective software to be considered trustworthy, it must be wide open to scrutiny & most of the AI systems are not subject to the public testing or auditing. Consider the important and major AI booster, Facebook & its effect on enigmatic automated systems which you had on the democracy.

However, the discussion takes place at a distinct level compared with the product announcements accomplished by Li. For the GCP’s Cloud AutoML service that offers developers with indispensable tools for creating the perfect machine learning models has been considered as the vital option. In addition to that, she declared that Cloud AutoML Vision, Translation services, and Natural Language have reached up to the beta status.

For accomplishing conversation interfaces, Dialogflow enterprise edition has been transformed into beta. However, Google implements a service known as Contact Center AI as the alpha offering. The Contact Center AI merges the Dialogflow Enterprise edition with the partner integrations to offer more fully featured contact center automation.

However, Google is planning to create a powerful technology for the sake of future generations. We have informed that it is trustworthy or at least headed in the specific direction. Consider for the teleprompter word to achieve it. If you wish to speak with the robot operator then continue to hold the call because your call is quite important for us.

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