Godrej Sector 43 an Luxury Property Investment Option In Noida


The real estate prices in Noida as everyone knows has gone way out of the common man’s reach. Unless you are from business class, you can forget about owning a piece of property in Noida. But all hope is not lost for those who are on a budget. There are affordable residential projects that are cropping up in the localities of Noida which might be the answer to your prayers.

There is already a good amount of demand for residential properties in Noida. There are several factors that are driving people towards this area. Infrastructure is the key here. Great connectivity to Noida and Pune by road and rail is already in place. There are several proposed infrastructure projects in the pipeline as well including a Metro, the Noida to International Airport. When the plans for the airport were announced there was a lot of enthusiasm shown by the realty sector.

But the project did not take off as expected and this sent property prices spiraling downwards. With the Noida government stepping in and clearing the hurdles blocking the project, it has been given another lease of life. Once all the proposed projects near completion that property rates will only go up in areas which will benefit from them.

Another reason why Noida has caught the fancy of those looking for a property is because of the presence of employment generators such as SEZs and IT parks in the area. A fair majority of property seekers in Noida belong to the working class. Affordable properties in Noida are priced between INR 4,000 to 6,500 psqft. Areas which are emerging as top choices in Noida. If you want to buy Godrej Properties Noida, the localities to watch out for are edge of the city or external road of the city.

Before you contact potential local agents for the real estate purchase read a couple of books about the country and especially about Godrej sector 43 that you are going to choose. Find as much information about the peculiarities of national and regional culture, cuisine and traditions, learn all about the local attractions, and visit the forums about the culture and life in Noida. Get some insight on the life and experiences of those who have bought property and are now enjoying life in the area?

Godrej Properties Lotus Green though remains the most attractive and the most affordable area. If you want to keep an eye on something more affordable for property purchase in central Noida, you might give your attention to rapidly developing areas. It is important that your new Italian property is located not very far from the airport. If you’re going to visit your house just for vacation or are going to rent it.