General Elections will be Decided without PM’s Face


All the opposition parties, including the Congress, have been gearing up to defeat Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019. The Maha coalition has created a strategy to join the Lok Sabha elections without the face of the Prime Minister.

According to sources, Congress has formulated its formula in two phases to win Lok Sabha elections and form the government. Under this, Congress will adopt a strategy of defeating BJP and Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections by combine all the parties in the first phase. Then in the second phase, a decision on the prime ministerial candidate will be taken after the election, that is, who will be the PM of the coalition, will it be decided only after the results come?

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi also said that Modi will be PM only next time, when will win 230 to 240 seats, but I am confident that if the coalition gets accurate then we will get more seats in UP, Bihar and Maharashtra. At the same time, Modi will not be the coalition partner of the alliance and the BJP will lose power.

During this time the Congress President dismissed the alliance with the Shiv Sena. He said there are ideological differences with the Shiv Sena, which is why it is not possible to combine with him. If Narendra Modi is not the face of PM then TDP and Shiv Sena can go with BJP. Rahul Gandhi said, ‘We are making a strategy for Lok Sabha elections in two phases. In the first phase, beating the BJP will be the goal, and in the second phase, the seats will decide who will be PM.

Rahul Gandhi raises questions again on EVM

Sources said that in the meantime Rahul Gandhi again questioned the EVM again. He said that whenever the EVM is disturbed, then why does the vote go to Kamal, why not go to BSP or any other party? All the opposition parties are discussing together on the EVM. We will all make a decision on this.

Cleansing over controversy with Muslim party

Rahul Gandhi has also given a clarification on the statement that Congress has declared a Muslim party. He said, “The dispute of the Muslim party was created to sell the newspaper. I had said that Congress is a party of minorities, farmers, poor, Dalits and all. Meanwhile, the Congress President refused to comment on the Ram Temple dispute and said that this matter is going on in the court. So they can not comment on this.