Fix Windows 10 Internet Connectivity Issues in HP Desktop Computers

Fix Internet Connectivity Issues windows 10

Many HP desktop computers now also support wireless connectivity with internet routers, wherein no physical wire is mandatory to connect it with internet. If your computer has a wired internet connected and yet facing some issues in browsing internet? Then there are some network troubleshooting instructions that will help you connect it properly.

Without internet connectivity, it turns even harder to troubleshoot a computer problem, therefore many users need to contact on HP desktop support number so that right instructions for network connectivity troubleshooting could be obtained. This blog has some information on how to troubleshoot internet problems in HP desktop computers?

Here are some effective steps to detect and troubleshoot internet connectivity problems in HP desktop computers:

  • Switch your internet browser and type a web URL to search. You can type web URL in the top web-address or normal search bar depending on your browser. If you can browse websites through different browser, then your primary internet browser has issues that should be rectified.
  • Check your network router and status of lights on it. Moreover, you can unplug the main Ethernet wire from the router as well power cord for 20 seconds, then plug them back in. Now wait for another minute or two, then open a web browser to crosscheck the connectivity.
  • Your computer may have issues in internet drivers, therefore open device manager (press Windows + R keys on keyboard, type “devmgmt.msc” and press OK) and navigate to Network Adapters and right click and uninstall each of them on by one. Now reboot your computer, which will automatically detect the best available driver for hardware and connect it to the internet.
  • If your HP desktop is connected through a wire to internet router/modem, then unplug the Lan cable from HP desktop computer as well as router. After few seconds, plug it back in both ends and reboot the computer. Again, open your web-browser and type a web address to search.
  • Download and install available updates for Windows 10, so that your computer could use the latest drivers for the best connectivity and performance. To manually check for available driver- press Windows + R button on keyboard = type “devmgmt.msc” = press OK = click on Network Adaptors = right click on every driver and update from drop-down window.

For additional help & troubleshooting, contact on HP support number and discuss your computer internet connectivity problem with their trained engineers. There are many exceptions when you will face more than expected troubles in PCs.