Fix HP printer scan to computer is no longer active

Fix HP printer scan to computer is no longer active

The error message on HP printers indicates that the connection between your printer and computer has been interrupted due to any reasons. The message keeps popping up in the right-side bottom corner of your Windows computer screen. Sometimes the error message keeps coming constantly and disturbs meanwhile working.

The following error clearly states the inactivity of your HP scanner, wherein one cannot even scan a document, if wanted. There are ways to identify the actual cause behind this pop up and eliminate it. There are some possible remedies to this error message given by HP Technical Support on the community and blog pages.

For USB wire connected printers

  • Unplug the USB cable from the HP printer and computer, while it is ON
  • Now unplug the power cord from the rear of printer as well as wall
  • Wait for 20 seconds, plug in the power cord and turn the device ON
  • Also, reboot your computer before connecting the USB wire
  • Connect USB wire and check, if getting any message

If yes, then go to Control Panel- Programs and Features- Select all HP printer software one by one and uninstall them. Unplug your printer USB wire and reboot computer. Once computer is booted up, download the latest HP drivers and install from website, next on being prompted to choose the Type of Connection, select USB connection and connect your HP printer to the computer using USB wire. This method should eliminate any software or driver misconfiguration and corruption and reform the connection between your devices. Moreover, you can call HP Customer Support for Printer help and discuss your issues with technicians.

For Wireless HP Printers

If you are receiving this annoying message on your computer regarding wireless HP printer, then perform few steps to fix it-

  • Turn your HP printer OFF and leave it for 20 seconds
  • Now reboot your Internet router/modem
  • Also, reboot computer and open a web-browser to testify connectivity of your Internet
  • Next, turn the printer ON and print a test page

The following method should help you eliminate the error on computer and start scanning again, if not. Then, contact on HP Printer Toll Free Number for advance diagnosis. May be, there is some critical problem that has to be resolved by professionals only. HP printer support people will make you at ease by connecting remotely to your device and troubleshooting the device error on their own.