Fix Epson Printer when Printing Blank Pages

Fix Epson printer when printing blank pages

Epson printers are renowned devices used by personal and business users at home, office or stores. When printing black pages despite having sufficient ink-cartridge or toner, will make any user anxious. Epson has several utility tools available online for printer diagnosis that could be downloaded and utilized in many conditions. The following tools and applications could be life-saver in crucial conditions especially when no could be availed through Epson printer support number in non-working hours or days.

There can be several aspects that many cause the Epson printer to print blank pages, such as low ink, printer settings or the printer itself.

Check for the best outcome from Epson printers:

  • The printer has to be placed on a flat and stable surface, which should have extra base available in all directions. Your printer will not operate properly if placed on bumpy surface or in tilted condition.
  • Users must only get the paper that is supported by specific Epson printer (transparencies and vellum paper are not supported).
  • Printer ink-cartridges that are old and dried or low on ink should be changed at the right time.
  • Users must remember to eliminate the yellow tape from ink-cartridges before installing them in the printer.
  • Print a nozzle check patter from the printer screen if any nozzles are clogged, also clean the print head if necessary.
  • It is also essential to make sure the customization of your printer has been done according to the available size of paper, layout and orientation in the Epson printer software on computer.
  • Also, check before printer that your directed print document does not have any blank pages before sending the print commends.
  • You can also customize the settings in your Windows and Mac computers to skip the blank pages from printing.

To skip blank pages to print on Windows computer

  • Press and hold Windows + R on keyboard
  • Then type Control Printers in the open box and OK
  • Now navigate to your Epson printer icon and right click
  • Choose Printing Preferences and click Maintenance
  • Click the Extended Settings button, then select Skip Blank Page
  • Click OK to finalize the settings

To skip blank pages from printing on Mac computers

  • Click Apple icon in the left top corner
  • Select System Preferences
  • Navigate to Printer & Scanners and access
  • Here select your Epson printer and Option & Supplies
  • Select Driver or Options
  • Then, Skip blank page to On
  • And click OK

Several other similar issues may arise in your printer, which can be tough to overcome, then you can take online help through Epson printer toll free number from online engineers who are trained to troubleshoot all kinds of issue in printers.