First Biggest Startup Incubation Centre Started In Hubbali Town To Support Entrepreneurship In India

First Biggest Startup Incubation Centre Started In Hubbali Town To Support Entrepreneurship In India

The first biggest startup incubation center is initiated in Hubballi town located in Karnataka.  The main objective of this incubation center is to promote better entrepreneurship in India. The largest center is actually developed by a dedicated team of Sandbox Startups. The biggest center is built over the region of roughly about 100,000 sq ft. The spacious region can accommodate lots of companies.

Amitabh Kant, who is a chairman of Niti Aayog, inaugurated the startup incubation center that spread across the spacious land of 6.09 acres which is located on the Gokul Road.

The first and foremost Incubation center of India is well-equipped with many full-fledged facilities including the marker’s lab. It is the right place where individuals can use and learn many new technologies. When it comes to Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) cluster, it is another major facility available in this incubation center. Apart from that, it also comes with lots of amenities required for vigorous startup network to flourish.

Main objective

The biggest startup Incubation Center has an objective of fostering the highly comprehensive startup network by offering an effective platform. It not only validates the startup ideas but also creates some linkages between stakeholders and start-ups such as early customers, mentors, and investors. The biggest incubator center is aimed to support only the start-ups which serve both rural and semi-urban regions in India.

Kant told on the center launch that “India needs some disruptive innovations and platforms to tackle various challenges in different sectors including agriculture, health, and education. Additionally, we need to take an essential lap in the field of social innovation for making more than sixty percentages of the population in Indian living in the rural regions a segment of our developing story. The real keys to the problems of India come from both Tier II as well as III cities.”

When it comes to the Deshpande Foundation, it started the incubation center of Sandbox Startups in Hubballi town. Over the past eight years of time duration, Sandbox Startups supported more than eighty ventures along with scalable, resilient and sustainable business models as well as a developed wealth of more than Rs 70 crore in the local economy.

Moreover, the firms span across different areas such as image processing, service sectors, healthcare sectors, e-commerce, logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), agricultural technology and technology sector.

More about the incubation center

The idea of this Deshpande Foundation that is founded by a professional Gururaj Deshpande, is turned into the biggest incubation center. It is otherwise known as Sandbox Startups that will push Hyderabad city to the 2nd spot while its gets finished in the month of September. This center was actually launched in the year of 2008 and it is currently being expanded.

Now, T-Hub which is an excellent public-private partnership venture under the Telangana government has more than 70,000 sq.ft of space. It is the largest incubation center located in the nation.  In fact, the Hubballi center will include 82,000 sq.ft of spacious land.


Naveen Jha who is a CEO of Deshpande Foundation told that “we are only facilitators. We decide to appear as a catalyst to aids entrepreneurs in creating replicable, sustainable and scalable business models.”

Since the launch of Sandbox Startups in 2008, it has offered better incubation support and facilities for the first-time entrepreneurs for piloting and testing their innovative business ideas and for engaging with government agencies, mentors, investment firms and successful entrepreneurs, on its buildings at the BVB College of Engineering and Technology. It will surely have an extremely bigger space close to the biggest Hubballi airport from September.

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