Farmers Offer the Land Consent for the Jewar Airport Project

Farmers Offer the Land Consent for the Jewar Airport Project

The jewar airport project is the mega projects that constructed very soon in Greater Noida. The project needs the land for constructing the international airport.  Over 2,350 of the farmers are offering the written consent of the land. Totally, there are 916 hectares of farmers taken for the project.

The decks are also completed for the project. The officials need to get permission from seventy percent of the farmers prior to begin the process of the land acquisition. The administration gets the consent according to the right of fair compensation and transparency in the land acquisition and rehabilitation and resettlement act.

The project wants the consent for 1230 hectares of the farmers land that acquires for the project. But the government only acquires the 916 hectares of land for the International airport project. The officials plan to own the remaining land for the project. The government got only consent of the seventy five percent of the land to be acquired for the land.

There is no hassle to construct the way of the project. We report to the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh regarding the development of the project that said by the MLA Dhirendra Singh. On the other hand, the government said that in case the farmers do not give the land for the project, the project is dropped.

Farmers ready to offer the land:

There are more than seventy of the farmers ready to provide the land for the international project. The district officials are going to correct the issues in the land records. So, the farmers get the right compensation based on the land.

But the farmers said that that they cannot able to get the perfect compensation for giving the land. They face the issues to get the compensation of the land and package for the rehabilitation. The farmers also give the complaint about this issue to the district administrative.

The government does not take any further action right now. There is also inconsistency present in the project. The farmers from the difference villages can fight with the MLA Dhirendra Singh to solve the issues of the compensation.

There are lots of people issues regarding the compensation due to various reasons. They asked the MLA to correct the issues. The government said that the farmers do not suffer for the compensation of the land. The nagla jahanu village farmer said that the compensation is distributed.

Rohi is the most famous village that suitable for the Jewar international airport project. Since the government officials do not correct the issues of the names in the land that said by the farmers. They give complaints repeatedly to the MLA. The farmers believe the officials intervention that can be solved the issues prior to the land is acquired for the international airport project.

Acquire the land for the initial phase of the project:

The farmers give the basic land for the project and MLA assures that the compensation is given for the acquired land. The officials ensure that there is no change in the name of the land. Each and every village keeps up the different range of the farmers.

The names cannot be corrected in the records of the land that the officials said. The government of Uttar Pradesh will get the 1441 hectares of the land from the six villages like parohi, banwaribas, ramner, rohi, ranhera, and dayanatpur. For the whole project, the government needs to get 5000 hectares of the land for the international airport project.

The government fix the estimated budget of the project is Rs. 15000 to 20000 crore. The airport is operated expected by 2022 to 2023. The Yamuna expressway industrial development authority and survey conducted the survey of the affected farmers of the project. The government ready to help them to clear the issues at the ideal time.

The government aids the farmer to shift the home as well. The farmers demand the plot that very near to the village. The farmers get the perfect compensation and rehabilitation package that required for the land. The farmers request the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh to provide the rehabilitation benefits. So, the farmers correct the name of the land as quickly.