EyeROV TUNA – first commercial underwater drone

eyeROV TUNA-first commercial underwater drone

Kerala based startup has created the robotic drone that keeps alive at the Kochi maker village. The robotic drone is able to perform the visual inspection of the underwater.  The startup creates this one based on the IROV technology.  The startup is publishing the commercial underwater drones by dealing the vehicle.

This is handled by the naval physical oceanographic laboratory and defense research and development organization. It is also regarded as the eyerov tuna. It is the vehicle of the first commercial inspection class micro remotely operated vehicle.

The vehicle can capable to carry out the visual inspection of the submerged structure. It is the best and effective underwater rover that performs up to 100 meters. The users get the complete control of the drone with the help of the laptop or joystick. There is a camera mounted on the underwater drone that provides the live video of the underwater environment.

It keeps up the different range of the application that manages ship hull inspection, dam inspection, port structure, bridge foundation inspection and lot more. It is introduced by Kerala start up mission. It is considered as the first commercial underwater drone in the present scenario.

First drone for the underwater project:

The startup makes this one that ideal for the different defense projects. It keeps up the perfect position from the NPOL. The drone is very useful for the laboratory that does any kind of the research operations. The drone was given to the NPOL on the Friday evening. This is used for the different research projects.

The device is used for the various underwater research operations. This is expected to be given to the research institutes in the research field that said by johns T Mathai. The IROV is introduced by johns T Mathai. Presently, the founder of the company has joined together in the grey orange robotics.

India’s highest funded robotics startup spend three years and working with the saint gobian and national institute of ocean technology. This is an autonomous institution that operated under the ministry of the earth science. This will be released very soon for the different project research use.

The main vision of the drone is to inspect the underwater critical infrastructure. The ministry said that the drone price is varied based on the size and features. This is available with the different size and features. There are many companies built the underwater drone that used for the research project.

Ideal for the different project:

Chennai based companies make the underwater drones that commercial available very soon in the market.  The production of the equipped is outsourced. The company receives the respect from the BPCL project startup scheme and Kerala startup mission.

The company gets the advisors and supporters early with the DRDO. The government of Kerala gives the approval of the drone that used for the different research operations. This is made by the DRDO lab. It is the first commercial underwater drone that meets the eyeROV.

The founder of the company has joined with the Samsung R&D in Bengaluru. Kannappa has years of working experience in national institute of ocean technology. The users get the perfect drone with the necessary features. This will publish as soon as possible for the different users. It acquires the different application that beneficial for the research project.

The startup mission is willing to make this one for the dam inspection and bridge foundation. It manages the ideal features that work well for the various research applications. It fulfill the needs of the application.