Etherecash – A Complete System of Blockchain Financial Services

Are you searching for a perfect platform to do financial service globally? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Etherecash is a complete system of the blockchain financial service. We can surely enhance security, reliability, and transparency through smart contract and Blockchain technology. Two unique features offered by us are lawyer backed smart contracts and Crypto Currency (crypto) backed loan.
What is Etherecash?
Our ultimate aim is to bridge the gap exists between the borrower and lender by eliminating third party, borders, and discriminations. With our Etherecash India, you can use your assets and earn high returns. Etherecash offers speedy money transfer that is quick, safe and pocket-friendly.  Thus, you can send and receive funds globally instantly. Even you can store multiple currencies in a single debit card and use it anywhere through ATMS. Additionally, you can store all your assets in your pocket. Etherecash is launching Etherecash ICO so make use of it.
Reasons to choose Etherecash:
  • We always focus on three core financial aspects such as lending, sending and spending
  • Through smart contract, we secure the peer-to-peer loans
  • You can spend your crypto’s (Bit Coin) as fiat currency
  • One of the best parts is that you do not need to liquidate your crypto’s beforehand
  • You can make use of our multi Crypto Currency debit card anywhere
  • You can choose the crypto that may be Bit Coin or anything else you wish to spend at the point of sale
  • Our Etherecash India is easy to use and perfect for traveling abroad
  • In addition to, you can avoid conversion and international fees with our Etherecash ICO
  • Using the innovative Blockchain technology, we do revolutionize transaction
  • With us, you can have safe, protected, and timely delivered financial service