Establishing New Land Pooling Policy With Information For Residents

Land pooling Policy

Delhi Development Authority’s land pooling policy enables lack of clarity. In January, the agency put out the revised draft on public domain with the inviting the objections and suggestions. The draft policy is received with the 734 responses. On Monday, DDA held the public hearing on this situation.

Vijender Kumar, a respondent states that landowners in villages around Delhi are not clear about policy so that the DDA must send teams for explaining the features to people. Vijender Kumar added that most people rely on hearsay and only some respondents felt policy has been on the paper. DDA needs to implement the process at the earliest. DDA needs to remove some of the bottlenecks in the process. Vijay Risbud is a former commissioner (planning), DDA states that policy has been delayed for more than 5 years.

Risbud also suggested that the DDA takes more active part in developing the pooled land and it also relies on the developers. He also added that there must not be any separate land pooling techniques in the DDA as well as a grievance in the redressal system.

Respondents also suggest that the DDA must be planning the ‘External Development Charges’ for levied landowners. Risbud. N Srivastava is a respondent states that EDC is not justifiable and it is necessary to decide the process accordingly. Most of the respondents also felt that the DDA allows mixed-land use across different areas under land pooling policy. Especially the farming is considered the main source for income of the landowners to give up land and it also enables the alternative income. DDA allows up to 33% commercial use described by Vijender Kumar.

Based on the report by DDA spokesperson stating that current land pooling policy has gained the further simplified when compared to draft in 2013. DDA works on different aspects that are based on the regulations for simplifying any kind of implementation as well as executed on land pooling policy. DDA has discussions on vice-chairman that is enabled by various stakeholders including the farmers are pressing a long time for implementing this policy.

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