Established Online Payment Mode to File a Compliant

Established Online Payment Mode to File a Compliant

Everyone knows that food, shelter, and clothing as the major essentials of life. In fact, people used to work to get all these things. Every human has a dream of owning a home in his or her life. When it comes to buying a home, the consumers have only a little knowledge of the real estate India sector.

It does not matter, whether it is a public or private sector, a wide gap still exists between the demand and supply. Actually, customers are being mistreated in the real estate industry. In order to protect customers from being victimized, the government has set up the enactment of real estate regulation and development (RERA ACT) 2016.

With this act, any distressed person such as promoters, real estate agents, and allotte can able to file a complaint against the projects or builders. ERA is a state level monitoring system, which designed and implemented by the central government. It also mandates registration for all the projects, which have a size of above 500sq.m or more than eight apartments.

Along with the ease to the complainant, the consumer can now able to file a hearing complaint against the unregistered project with Maha RERA (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority) by making Rs.5000 as the payment.

Maha RERA provide online payment facility for filing a complaint

Maharashtra was the first state in the country to develop an authority in the RERA Act 2018. It is actually a step towards reforming the field of real estate in India. This authority encourages accountability, transparency, and professionalism.

Recently, Maha RERA adds the online payment facility to file a hearing complaint towards the unregistered projects. On August 14, the secretary of Maha RERA, Dr. Vasant Prabhu signed a circular, which stated that Maha RERA adding the facility of making the payment online for hearing complaints against unregistered projects.

To file a complaint, the informant will need to make a payment of Rs.5000 through RTGS, NEFT, or any other digital transaction mode. Additionally, this payment facility will be accessible until the online payment facility made available. After that, this payment facility will be discontinued automatically.

Currently, more than 17400 projects have been registered in the Maharashtra state in which more than 3830 complaints have been filed with the regulator. Among them, 2219 orders have been passed and then 1038 complaints are still pending. If you make payment offline, then the payment details along with the serial number generated during the source information filing should be mailed to the Maha RERA.

Alongside, the state regulatory also added a new category on its official web portal that is non-registration. Under this section, one can able to inform the authority about the project and even present his or her case before the regulator by paying the fee.

In the earlier days, the complainant has to send the email in regards to the unregistered ventures and then authority directs the promoter or builder to register the project. Then, the complainant can file the case with the regulator. When filling the form for filing the hearing compliant with the authority, Maha RERA should keep the details of the source informant confidential according to the rule.